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Saggy Skin After Weight Loss

Madhura Pandit
People often complain of having saggy skin after drastic weight loss. What are the causes of it? Can it be avoided? Are there ways for avoiding baggy skin after weight loss? Find answers to all in this story.
Interesting tag lines like 'lose weight in 1 week' or 'lose up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks' seem attractive to us. Most of us even succumb to such fast weight loss programs. In a quick weight loss program, weight loss is achieved by fad diets and unnatural exercise regimes.
People are made to follow a strict crash diet and strenuous exercise regime; which can result in a successful weight loss. However, most of them suffer from a serious side effect of quick weight loss, i.e. having saggy or baggy skin.
Sagging skin after weight loss is commonly found in people who tend to lose a large amount of weight in a short period. Here we will see more on the causes and remedies for extra skin after weight loss. Let us take a look.

What Causes Skin to Sag After Weight Loss

After drastic weight loss, the body responds in a similar fashion as it does in women after pregnancy. When a large amount of weight or fat is lost, the loosened skin (skin that has lost its elasticity) tends to sag. The body takes a long time to build up excess fat.
When one gets rid of all the fat suddenly, the skin and the muscles lose their elasticity which leads to sagging. This may be an unsightly condition; but, can definitely be reversed. There are several methods of skin tightening that help in getting rid of loose skin after weight loss. Let us take a look at it in detail.

How to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

There are different ways to tightening sagging skin: like surgery, using skin firming products. Although the surgery is one of the best methods; it is expensive. There are several easy methods that can be followed at home to regain the elasticity of the skin.
  • Even after you have succeeded in weight loss, continue to exercise and follow a proper diet plan. It definitely helps in regaining the lost elasticity of the skin.
  • For firming loose skin after weight loss, you also need to go for muscle-building or resistance training for 2-3 times a week. This will help in toning your muscles again.
  • On the other hand, you can even try using body wraps and skin tightening creams, lotions available in the market.
  • You can include certain foods like lean poultry, tomato, cucumber, olive, etc. in your daily diet as these foods are believed to help in skin tightening.
  • Scrubbing skin with body scrub or loofah, or having a salt water bath once or twice a week also helps in getting rid of saggy skin after weight loss.
  • Lastly, note that it is essential to keep the skin moisturized in order to retain its elasticity and tone. You can apply your favorite moisturizer or body lotion after bath and before sleeping every night to the entire body. Doing this will help in retaining the moisturizer in the body.
You can try these methods, before going for a cosmetic surgery. Lastly, note that the preventive measure to avoid saggy skin is to go for natural weight loss methods. A natural weight loss surely helps in prevention of saggy and loose skin. Take care!