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Sagging Jowls Exercises

Indrajit Deshmukh
Skin experts believe that if you augment the effects of your skin firming creams with sagging jowls exercises, you will get better results and in less time. These easy to do exercises can be done anywhere, at home or at work.
Sagging jowls can make you look really old and they can even dent your self-esteem, after all we live in a vain world. As we age the skin loses its elasticity and starts to sag, and when this happens around the jaw line it can feel like an aesthetic emergency.
Sometimes age is not the only factor behind sagging jowls, lifestyle and environment can also play a part. Whatever the reason behind the sagging jowls some simple exercises can help you deal with the situation.
It is a known fact that when we exercise the muscles get toned thereby, tightening the skin around them. Using the same logic, when you do facial and neck exercises they help you tighten the skin around the jaw. Doing these exercises at least 3 times a week can rejuvenate skin without any harmful side effects which other cosmetic procedures might produce.
When doing any kind of exercises it is important to pay attention to correct forms and techniques, otherwise you risk getting cramps or injuries. Sagging jowls exercises are no different and to get good results, one must follow correct form.
These exercises can be performed in a standing or sitting position and for some exercises you have to lie down. They don't have any complex movements and can be performed by almost anyone.

Ceiling Kiss

This simple exercise is easy to execute and is very effective. Sit all the way back on a chair and slowly tilt your head back so that you are staring at the ceiling. Now join your lips together as if you are about to kiss the ceiling.
Compress your lips and push them away from the teeth as much as you can and feel the facial muscles strain, hold the position for 5 seconds. Slowly relax your lips and come back up in a controlled movement. Repeat this routine gently 4 - 6 times, you can also do this routine while standing.

Chimp Move

For this routine, stand with your arms extended by your side, look forward and keep your back straight. Now tilt your head back so that you are staring at the ceiling, don't close your eyes and keep your lips together.
From this position, move your lower lip over the upper lip, just like a chimp. Hold this position for a good 5 seconds before you return to the starting position, repeat this movement 6 - 8 times.

Palate Press

One of the simplest sagging jowls exercises is the palate press, you can perform this exercise anywhere. Make sure you close your mouth properly for this exercise, then press your tongue against the upper palate.
Apply pressure with your tongue as if you are trying to open your mouth with the tongue. Maintain normal breathing throughout the exercise and hold the position for a good 5 seconds. Repeat the movement 8 - 10 times for quick results.

Tongue Out

The tongue out is one of the classic yoga poses which can be used to firm your facial muscles and tackle sagging jowls. Stand straight, keep your chin parallel to the ground and look straight ahead, this is your starting position.
Now open your lips and stick your tongue out and dangle it down as if you are trying to lick your chin. If you aren't able to touch your chin don't get discouraged most of us can't do it. Get your tongue as far out as you can and hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat the movement 6-8 times.
To support your exercise regimen use skin firming creams that are available in the market to get rid of the sagging jowls. It is also advisable to take vitamin supplements which will boost the collagen production in your body.
Vitamin C, A, and E are known to boost collagen production in the skin, giving you a much younger look. Making lifestyle changes like cutting down on your alcohol and tobacco intake. Some of the other things that will help you get rid of sagging jowls are hydrating your body and getting adequate rest.
Consult your physician before you begin this exercise routine. It is also advisable that you do these exercises on alternate days to get quick results. Make sure you follow correct form and maintain normal breathing when you do these exercises.