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Rose Water for Hair

Aastha Dogra
Every woman dreams of having healthy, strong, and beautiful hair. Rose water is a nature's gift, which can make this dream come true. Read on to know how rose water can help promote hair growth.
Although there are many cosmetics available in the market, which promise to make your hair healthy, soft, and shining, yet, with so much emphasis on 'going green' these days, people want to rely on all-natural, chemical-free products to enhance the beauty of their hair.
One such product, which is believed to have therapeutic and hair beautifying properties is rose water. If you are someone who reads the ingredients before buying a cosmetic, then you must have seen rose water in many skin and hair care products.

Benefits of Rose Water for Hair

You would be surprised to know that rosewater has been known and used in many hair and beauty treatments for thousands of years in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
However, it's only in the recent years that the western world has woken up to the advantages of rose water for hair growth. It is an all-natural product which is made from rose essential oils and distilled water.
You can easily get rose water from any supermarket, grocery store, or a health store. When purchasing it, always go for the high-quality, organic versions as these are more beneficial than the ordinary ones. If you are willing to make the effort, you can even make rose water at home itself. Here's an easy recipe for it:

Making Rose Water at Home

Take fresh rose petals and wash them to get rid of the dirt and germs. Next, put them in a closed pan, pour enough water to cover the petals, and then turn on the stove.
Keep the flame on low for about fifteen minutes, and let the mixture simmer. After that, let the mixture cool down. Follow this by straining the mixture and then storing it in a clean bottle. With this simple method, you will have pure, fresh, homemade rose water ready within no time. Next, let's know the many benefits of using rose water.

Conditioning and Moisturizing

As it is believed to have conditioning and moisturizing properties, simply mix a small amount in your regular shampoo, and wash the hair as usual. This would make your hair soft, shiny, and great smelling. Besides being a good hair moisturizer, the soft, the lingering smell of roses, that comes from the hair will keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Hair Growth

Although there is no scientific evidence backing it yet, it is said that rose water promotes hair growth. Simply shampoo the hair as usual and after that, pour half a cup of rose water on your head.
This will increase the supply of blood to your scalp, which in turn strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles, and thus, increases hair growth. For those who are suffering from any kind of inflammations on the scalp, this is an excellent remedy, as rose water is known to possess therapeutic and healing properties as well.

Hair Quality and Strength

For improving the hair quality, rose water can be applied on the hair, just like any oil. Simply make a mixture of glycerin and rose water in equal quantities, and apply it on your scalp. With your fingertips, gently massage your scalp.
Leave the mixture on your hair for about half an hour, and then wash off with a mild shampoo. This home remedy will nourish, moisturize, and strengthen your hair if undertaken once every week, for four to five months.
As you can see, there are numerous ways in which rose water can be used to enhance your tresses. It nourishes the hair, makes them strong, and also moisturizes them. The best part is, being natural, it rarely produces any kind of side effects.
If you want to keep the beauty of your crowning glory intact, if you want your hair to be soft and smelling like roses whole day long, include this nature's wonder in your hair care regimen.