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Rock Hairstyles

Tulika Nair
Do you want to sport one of those rock hairstyles that your favorite rock star has been flaunting? Read on to know how you can style them to resemble a rock star's mane.
"I'm gonna trade this life
For fortune and fame
I'd even cut my hair
And change my name
'Cause we all just wanna be big rock stars...Hey, hey, I wanna be a rock star
Nickelback did have it right. Being a rock star (or wanting to be one) necessitates some things for sure; having the right look and the right attitude. After all, without those, you really cannot earn a huge fan following, the groupies, the women screaming your name, and to an extent, the award-winning multi-platinum singles.
One thing that determines the right look are rock hairstyles. Whether it is a Mohawk, emo, goth, or punk, these are one integral part of their lifestyle that allow us regular Joes to live (albeit in most ways vicariously), the lifestyle of the Rock Demigod we pray to and idolize.
While it was difficult to imitate and maintain such haircuts in the days gone by, with changes in the rock star image, the stylish, edgy, yet simple cuts and more stylists opening shop for us mere mortals, it has become easier to ape the look of your favorite rocker.
Whether you are a guy or a girl, these styles are sure to make heads turn as you walk past them. But, do sport the attitude and the confidence befitting the hairstyle, or else the entire look may fall flat.

Hairstyles for Girls

It is easier to style rock haircuts for girls as compared to styling a guy's hair in the fashion, resembling a rock n' roll star. Be it for long or short hair, it is much easier to flaunt your rocker attitude as a girl because, with the different interpretations that can be given to their hair, half the battle is already won.

Bedhead Hairstyle

Ever got compliments strewn at you from every person you meet, for how lovely your hair looks, when all you did was get out of bed and run to office, thanks to getting up late? Then, you have mastered the art of attaining that perfect out-of-bed look, which is so fashionable today, especially among rock stars.
If you want to recreate this look, then all you need to work with is your hair that you washed a day before. Apply a texturizer product into their roots and spray hairspray onto your hands and then, rub it into the ends of your hair to create that slightly messy, disheveled oh-so-sexy look.

Rock Doll Hairstyle

This is the look of the season, if rocker chick is your perennial style statement. In order to get this look, ask your stylist to cut your hair in short layers that look like they have been literally chopped off. The hair is shorter in length in the front, framing the face, as compared to the length at the back.
If you are aiming for a shock factor, then go in for hair color ideas and streak your hair in bright colors like pink, green, or even, orange. If you want to make them look textured, then you can run hair wax through them to create a look that is slightly pointy.

Windblown Hairstyle

Do you want to look like you just got off the chopper that you own after a long ride through the countryside? Then, this is your look. And, it screams rock. It combines the attitude of devil-may-care with a messy yet strong look.
Opt for this style if you think you won't get irritated by its messiness. Wash your hair and then, apply a styling glaze, starting from the roots. Then, scrunch them, while using a diffuser with your head tipped downwards.

Layered Bob

A layered bob cut is what you need to showcase your punk rocker look. Ask your stylist to cut them in a graduated bob style and create layers, which are flicked outwards. You can also get bangs that are longer than the normal fringes, which are in vogue.
To give your hair a slight gradation and a punk look, it may be a good idea to color them, especially your bangs, in shades of red or even blue (in case you think you can carry it off).

Hairstyles for Guys

We like our rock stars to flaunt their look, their style, and have the women swooning with their bad boy demeanor. If you are a guy with a secret wishlist that has these things listed out, then one of the options from the hairstyles provided here may take you one step closer to the goal.

Messy Layers

Think Green Day and now, think Billie Joe Armstrong. There you have it, your prototype messy layers look. This style needs you to have slightly longer hair. Get your stylist to cut your hair in layers.
Messy layers are one style that can have individualized interpretations to the haircut, depending on how you want your hair to look. Once they are cut in layers, just wash them and blow dry them to flaunt your look.

Spiky Short Hairstyle

If you are a working professional and want to opt for a hairstyle that can be fashioned to look rock star-like on occasions, then the best option for you is to cut them short enough. On those days, when you want to show off such a style, you can style your hair to create that short spikes that are purposely messy.
Show your stylist a picture of Scott Weiland, if he/she is unable to recreate the look you want. This is one of the most versatile styles that you can opt for.

Clipped Hairstyle

With just a bit of long hair at the top of the head and sporting a cropped short haircut all over is the basic style of the clipped hair look. It is bold, defiant, and one of the easiest styles to ape. Also, this is another good option if your Mohawk style is just not going to go well at your new workplace.
Rock hairstyles are easy to maintain because the more disheveled they look, the more attitude they seem to reflect. But, that does not mean that you never comb your hair and take the just-out-of-bed look to an extreme that it fails to impress.
Flaunt your messy style with care and at least, you will achieve rock stardom to a certain degree, so what if your singing prowess still has only your shower cubicle as an audience, and you still have to wait for hours to get into the nightclub of your choice. As they say, something is better than nothing.