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Benefits and Side Effects of Face Creams with Retinol

Rutuja Jathar
A lot is being said about the face creams that contain retinol. To know more about the benefits and side effects of these creams, read on.
Retinol is a form of vitamin A and is very essential as a dietary supplement. It is an essential substance for maintaining and producing cells, bone development and a healthy vision. Retinol is also loaded with antioxidant properties that are very useful for skin care and detoxification.
Antioxidants resist skin damage and help in removing dead skin cells and making way for the newer and healthier skin cells. Due to the same, there is a huge significance of retinol in the field of acne prevention and removal. These are the best anti-aging creams and are very good for facial skin care.


Facial skin care ranks high in the list of beauty priorities for many people and why shouldn't it be? There are many things that can harm the structure and texture of the facial skin. Culprits like ultraviolet rays, dust, heat, pollution and stress are...
... a few to name, that simply ruin the softness of the skin and lead to many skin problems like acne, dry skin, rough skin, oily skin and wrinkles. To stop all this, there is a constant need of a good quality face cream that can provide maximum benefits and least side effects. Face creams that contain retinol belong to that category.
There are a lot of cosmetics that claim to be the best skin care products. In these times of utter commercialization, one finds a bit of relief in the form of these face creams. It improves skin appearance and makes the skin glow. Antioxidant properties in the retinol creams protects skin from cell damage, effects of aging like wrinkles, dark spots, etc. by controlling movements of the free radicals present in the blood stream.
The biggest benefit is that it actually stimulates the process of repairing collagen and elastin that are present in the skin cells, without causing potential damage and irritation to the skin. A few other products that are present in retinol actually work wonders for the skin, when used in moderation and in correct formulation, over the affected area. It is very necessary to use the cream in moderation and for a shorter period of time, strictly.

Side Effects

We have talked a lot about the benefits. Now is the time to check for the possible side effects. Flushed skin is the most commonly observed side effect of retinol. Redness of skin is also accompanied with irritation and a burning sensation. Most of the time, this happens until the skin gets familiarized with the cream. As soon as one gets used to it, the reddening of the skin fades away.
Increased sensitivity to sunlight is also observed and hence it is better to avoid direct sun exposure just after application of the cream. Excessive application is also not recommended, as it can result in redness and scaly skin. Excessive usage of retinol can show side effects that are similar to the vitamin A overdose. For people with sensitive skin, it is better to stick to natural anti-aging skin care products so that there are minimum fallouts noticed.
Healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, a good exercise routine are some of the things that are naturally capable of treating most of the skin problems and effects of aging as well. In that case there is no need of any such artificial products, no matter how effective they may be.