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Removing Black Hair Dye

Abhay Burande
The pigment in a black dye sticks hard to the hair strands, and penetrates deep into the hair shaft. Hence, it is one of the most difficult colors to take off from the hair. Read on to know how to remove it.

Methods to Remove Black Hair Dye

The first thing that one must do is to bleach the hair. This is a very long process, in which there is an inherent risk of severe hair weakening. As every layer of the color is bleached away, the hair gets altered to different shades of red, orange, and finally white. To minimize such a discoloration, the black pigment has to be removed equally.
Bleaching has to be done more than once for totally white hair. But due to multiple bleaching, hair get gravely damaged and thinned. Very often, the color is not sufficiently lifted and the hair has an orange tone.
Now the second step is to apply a toner, useful to reduce orange discoloration. This also is a conditioner that prevents further damage. Remember, bleaching peels away the outer layer of the hair and makes it fragile and thin.
If this process is carried out in an unprofessional manner, combing it will result in more hair loss.
A color remover can be used, wherein an orange color is obtained and the hair can be re-dyed to another color. Such removers shrink the molecules of the dye, and after they become small, they are washed away.
In Highlighting  the color is not removed totally. After some weeks, another round of highlights should be applied and has to be done equally throughout the strand and the process must be patrolled. Bleaching may happen fast on some parts. By this, the wear and tear of hair is greatly reduced.
Color fix and Color zap are products devised to remove hair color. The former cleans out undesired permanent hair color. A controlled usage is done for correction in specific areas. The latter product gently washes out all the permanent hair color, and it is possible to immediately re-color the hair after using it.
Color stripper transforms black colored dye into darkish red. This can then be dyed to brown. This product does not bleach the hair, but brings it close to the natural color. The development time ranges from 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the color and related conditions. The manufacturer's instructions should be followed during this method.
Powder bleach and shampoo/conditioner are mixed with equal amounts of water. After mixing, a creamy consistency should be obtained. This mixture is applied evenly. It decelerates the bleaching process that acts on the hair.