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Reducing Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Sonia Nair
Combat the first signs of aging around your eyes with simple home remedies and products found in the pantry.
"The eyes are the mirror of the soul". This famous quote rightly depicts the beauty of this most attractive facial feature. It is really disheartening to find out that the first signs of aging often appear as wrinkles around the eyes. Such wrinkles are otherwise referred to as 'crows feet' or 'laugh lines'.
Some people develop wrinkles around their eyes as they get older, while some get them condition at a very young age. Appearance of these wrinkles is a cause of worry for many.
They often end up using a wide range of anti-wrinkle products without achieving any significant results. But you can get rid of them by using the right product at the right time. Natural methods are preferred to commercial skin care products and cosmetic procedures.

What Causes Wrinkles Around the Eyes

Being the sensitive zone, the area around the eyes shows the first signs of aging, as wrinkles. Such wrinkles may develop due to various reasons.
One of the most common cause is the constant movement of the eyes, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Another reason is exposure to harsh sunlight, which may sap moisture from the skin, which in turn loses its elasticity.
Direct sunlight may also cause constant squinting and resultant wrinkles, causing under eye wrinkles.
Smokers develop under-eye wrinkles earlier than non-smokers as the smoke can drain moisture from the skin and also cause squinting as it reaches the eyes.
People with allergies may develop under-eye wrinkles at a very young age, as compared to others.
Diet, genetics, less water consumption, etc. are also some factors that may play an important role in the formation of wrinkles.
Though aging cannot be stopped or controlled completely, you can delay it with proper preventive measures.

Preventive Measures

Increase Water Intake

As dehydration is one of the reasons behind the formation of wrinkles, drinking enough water and other fluids can moisturize your skin and reduce the wrinkles. Quitting smoking is also beneficial.

No Harsh Sunlight

It is said that regular exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun may cause wrinkles around the eyes. Apart from the UV rays, squinting in the bright sunlight may also cause the same. So wear sunglasses and apply sunscreens while going out on a sunny day.

Right Food

You can also minimize the formation of wrinkles by consuming foods rich in carotenoids.
Carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, spinach, and apricots, are good sources of carotenoids, and are said to be helpful in reducing wrinkles.
You must also include foods which contain antioxidant vitamins (vitamin A, C, E, etc.) and minerals (like zinc and selenium), which protect the skin from damage. Increase the intake of soy products and fish, especially salmon.

Facial Skin Care

Avoid using soap on your face, but make sure to use a cleanser which is suitable for your skin type.
You must also avoid wiping or rubbing the area around the eyes with your towel or hands. Use a damp cotton ball for this purpose. Eye make up can be removed with a gentle cleanser. According to skin care experts, frequent face washing with tap water may strip away the protective oils from the skin, thereby making it prone to wrinkles.

Apply Moisturizer Regularly

It is very important to use a moisturizer daily.
As the skin around the eyes is delicate and loses moisture at a faster rate than other parts of the face, applying moisturizer can prevent the formation of wrinkles. You may also use under-eye creams and lotions for this purpose.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Above all, sufficient sleep is very much important to keep your skin free of damage.
At least eight hours of sleep is needed, for the body to undertake repair of damaged skin cells. It has also been suggested that facial wrinkles may get reduced by sleeping on the back, rather than on the sides.

Avoid Squinting

Some people avoid reading glasses, and squint while reading or watching something. Such squinting or repetitive movements of the facial muscles can lead to wrinkles. So get your reading glasses and avoid squinting.

Home Remedies

Most people resort to commercial products that guarantee wrinkle-free skin care. While some may find a particular product useful, it may not work for others. So one method is to select a product which is best suited for your skin and is capable of yielding results.
You have to try many products on an experimental basis to zero in on a suitable one. Another expensive option is to go for laser treatment or Botox injections, which can offer you some positive results in reducing wrinkles around the eyes. If you are interested in reducing wrinkles naturally, you can try a combination of the following methods.
Coconut oil is a popular home remedy for wrinkles. It has to be applied in small amounts around the eyes before going to sleep and should be kept overnight. You can also replace coconut oil with olive oil or Castor oil (without fragrance). These oils provide enough moisture to crease out the wrinkles.
Apply pineapple juice around the eyes and leave it like that for about 30 minutes before washing. The alpha hydroxy acid called bromelain, in pineapple is found to be beneficial for softening the wrinkles and fine lines on the face, especially around the eyes.
Fresh milk cream with lemon juice may also work wonders in reducing the wrinkles. All you have to do is to boil some milk and remove the creamy layer that forms on the top, when it gets cool. Mix this cream with a few drops (4 to 5) of lemon juice and apply the mixture around the eyes (or on the whole face). Wash off (don't use soap) after an hour and pat dry.
Mix egg white mixed with sweet cream well and apply on the face. Wash off after an hour with plain water (don't use soap).
You may also use some papaya pulp or juice of apple or green grapes for reducing wrinkles. Apply on the face and rinse after an hour. Cucumber juice mixed with aloe vera gel can also make the skin wrinkle free.
You can try some eye exercises that are meant for reducing wrinkles under the eyes.
In short, these preventive measures and home remedies will help you combat facial wrinkles. You can combine the above said measures and make a beauty routine of your own, which can help you in reducing wrinkles around the eyes.