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Spectacular Red Highlights

Pragya T
Do you want to get the highlights of a nice red color shade in your hair? Then read on to know if red highlights will suit you, and the various red hair color ideas.
Red is one of the most popular shade opted for highlighting hair color. Red is a stunning warm color and gives an attractive bright look.
However, it is important that you have a warm skin tone and warm eye tone, as this color on a cool skin-toned person will make the person look dull or pale.
Red is a beautiful warm color and suits people who have warm skin tones and eye tones, also the base hair color should be a warm shade to complement the warm red hair highlights.
Here are the warm skin tone and eye colors, and the various ideas of getting highlights of red color.

Step #1: Does Red Hair Color Suits You?

As already mentioned red hair color ideas will suit you, only if you have warm skin color and eye color. You have a warm skin tone, if you have any of the mentioned complexion.
  • Freckled complexion
  • Brown skin tone, with pink or golden undertones
  • Ruddy complexion
  • Pale complexion with peach or golden undertones
The warm eye colors are:
  • Green eyes
  • Golden-brown eyes
  • Hazel eyes with brown or golden-colored flecks
  • Greenish-blue eyes
If you have any of the aforementioned complexion and eye colors, then it means you can go for red highlights. If you don't have any of the two, then go for the cooler shades. You can opt for burgundy color, as this suits cooler skin tones and eye colors. Other options of highlights for cool skin category are honey, wheat, or ash highlights.

Step #2: Choosing a Base Hair Color

If you have previously dyed your entire hair, or have a cool base hair color then go for a warmer base hair color and then go for red hair color. However, if you already have a good base warm hair color then you can directly proceed to step #3.
>>You can go for light warm brown or shiny brown hair with red highlights.
>>Red hair highlights for brunettes look great if you have dark brown base hair color.
>>Black hair is a cool base hair color. However, if you still wish to go for black hair with highlights of red, then opt for shiny dark red color.
>>A base hair color of shiny blonde with red hair highlights looks stunning.
>>When getting red highlights in dark brown hair, you can also mix these highlights with shiny blonde highlights.

Step #3: Picking the Right Shade of Red

There are many shades of red hair color and selecting the right one is important. Don't pick a shade that is too light or too dark than your base hair color. As light or bright shade of reds can look too loud, while too dark shade might not look noticeable. Seek the advice of a stylist, while picking a red hair color shade. 
Here are the various shades of red hair colors out of which you can choose
  • Light strawberry blonde
  • Bright copper red
  • Dark copper red
  • Neutral copper red
  • Light auburn red
  • Auburn red
  • Dark auburn red

Step #4: Doing Some Photo Editing

Now that you know all about selecting the right red highlights hair color and the base hair color, why not try some fun hair coloring ideas in Photoshop. Load a picture of yourself in Photoshop and paint streaks of any of the mentioned shades of the red, and check which one you like the most.

Step #5: Coloring Your Hair

The last step is to color your hair. If you have any experience in hair coloring at home, then you can color with a quality hair coloring product yourself. However, to get the best results visit a stylist and tell him what style you want. Get at least 8 - 12 streaks in your hair.
So, pick the right shade and get red steaks in your hair, and enjoy your new look!