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Red Hair Shades

Mukta Gaikwad

Red hair shades are exotic, rare, mysterious, and the most coveted. If you don't have red hair naturally, here's how you can turn your hair red and your friends green with envy. Read on to know more...
Red hair has enamored many for centuries. The reason for rarity of red hair shades is attributed to genetics. Only 4% of the human population is known to have natural red hair color. Most redheads inhabit areas along the western coast of Europe, especially in Scotland, England, and Ireland.
The red chromosome, which naturally colors the hair, is a recessive gene. Both the parents must possess the gene for the child to inherit it. Sadly, the chromosome is so weak, that it gets overpowered by black or brown gene, further sabotaging the chances of wearing slightest tinge of red highlights.
But the beauty of red hair comes with a heavy price. Redheads are extremely fair, which makes them sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, causing instant skin burn. 
Moreover, every strand of their hair is thicker than any other naturally colored hair. Thus, the density is lesser than the other counterparts, which is why they can suffer from hair loss and thinning.
Since most of us aren't born with the fiery locks, coloring the existing locks is the only option. There are many shades of red hair color. Every shade has be worn with a certain complexion, to bring out the best shade.
Moreover, the existing natural hair color will be the deciding factor. Let's see what are the considerations you need to keep in mind for choosing a red color, that suits you the best and what are the various hair color ideas you can use.

Blonde Hair with Fair Skin

With blonde hair and fair skin you can color your hair bright red. For thin hair, be careful while using hair color products. Thick hair will need more intensive hair coloring. If you are using henna on thin hair, don't leave it for long.

Dark Blonde and Medium Skin Tone

According to your undertones, choose color. If your skin has a yellow tinge, go for ginger, auburn, russet or copper tresses. For olive undertone with warm appeal, so wear cherry red, burgundy or other shades of intense red.

Dark Brown Hair and Olive Skin

The exotic sun kissed skin and the sensual brown locks, don't need any artificial color for further beautification. But if you still choose to wear some red streaks, deep reds, plum colors, burgundy, and maroon were made for you. You can highlight a few strands or color them totally, the choice is yours.

Black Hair and Dark Skin

Black is beautiful and elegant. It's a neutral color, that looks graceful with shine and volume. However, since you have dark skin, warmer and deeper shades of red will complement your style. Wear thin highlights of red color to add a mystery to those gorgeous locks. Subtle red hair color shades of wine colors and dark red will surely make you a head turner!
Regular exposure to sun and weather in general, makes red hair color fade easily. Thus, use a color protecting shampoo. To bring back the shades, just coat your hair with henna for 15-20 minutes and wash it off. This will revive the lost color and ensure proper hair care.
Sometimes, hair color can damage the skin, thus run a patch test before you begin coloring. Hair color is a great way of wearing your hair with a panache. So give your tresses, a spicy red to bring out the enigmatic yet fiery side in you!