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Razor Cut Hairstyles

Razor cut hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular. This story lists some trendy styles for men and women.
Saptakee Sengupta
Razor cut styles first gained popularity in Japan, and then eventually worldwide. These styles are not only meant for women but they also look cool on men. They look especially good with long hair. Even if you have short or medium length hair, they are some of the most fashionable cuts. The stylist uses either a sharp razor or a razor comb to chop the hair at angles. These styles look the best on both men and women with straight hair.

Styles for Men

Sleek and Long Hairstyle
Feel the rock star vibe with this unevenly shredded cut. Gel your hair, add a little shine, and blow dry it straight. This is perfect for men with long hair.
Short Tapered Hairstyle
This is for men with short hair. Chop your hair into shorter layers from the sides and back, while letting a few long strands taper down from your forehead. Set your hair with styling gel and pomade, and style using a vent brush.
Hairstyles with Twisted Quiff
This needs you to twist the forelocks with your fingers. Once you get the cut, try to maintain it every day. Pull the front locks with gel and try to create a peak on the top with straight and twisted ends. It suits men with round faces.
Short Textured Razor Cut
Get highlights or streaks with this style. This cut is perfect for long-faced men with coarse hair. Style with clay gel on damp hair, and get a ravishing look.

Styles for Women

Emo Razor Hairstyle
Emo and punk styles are for girls with straight hair. Chose the color of your choice and highlight the chopped layers. Then, spray your hair, and set it with a hair thinning razor. Bring the long sharp ends of the hair in front, and add volume on the top to get the emo look.
Razored Bob Hairstyle
This is for short bobs. Use the razor at the ends to create multiple uneven layers. Set your hair with wax and gel, using your fingers to turn the ends out in different directions. Look like a pop star and rock the disco.
Razored Inverted Bob Hairstyle
The inverted bob has the hair sliced extremely short at the back and smooth long layers hanging at the front. The hair is razored at the perfect angle and then set with a straightening gel. You can use temporary dye to highlight the angles of the cut.

Choppy Razored Hairstyle

Chop your straight hair precisely with a razor. Get a rough-edged cut, and let it stay as it is. Just blow dry with a round brush, and get the careless yet chic messy look.
Smooth Razored Hairstyle
Long straight hair looks best razored. Cut your hair in pointed ends with a comb razor. You can add bangs in the front as well. This smooth cut gives you neat look by enhancing the volume of your hair and adding lots of sharp edges to your hair.