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5 Beautiful Quinceanera Hairstyles

Tulika Nair
The Quinceanera ceremony is very important for fifteen year old girls, as it marks their transition from a girl to being a young woman. Quinceanera hairstyles need to make her look mature without losing her innocence. Here are some popular hairstyles for the occasion.
Quinceanera is a coming of age party that is organized in many Latin American households, when a girl turns 15. The party is supposed to symbolize the transition of a girl to a woman. The ceremony is comparable to weddings in the way they are organized, and are similar in grandeur with ceremonies being organized in the church, followed by a party afterward.
The dance that the girl celebrating the occasion, dances with her father, is an important tradition of the ceremony, as are the gifts that the young woman receives. The way a girl presents herself is of paramount importance, and is the reason why dresses for the occasion are considered to be as unique and special as wedding gowns.
With the importance placed on the girl's looks, another part that comes under scrutiny is her hairstyle, making it one of the key aspects her look and appearance.
With many girls giving the traditional ceremony a miss, the variety of hairstyles that you can opt for have opened up. Earlier, girls had a tendency to opt for an updo, which was the perfect solution for long hair, because of the elegant and grown up look.
However, if you want a style that is graceful and youthful at the same time, then you can opt to leave your hair loose and get it styled by a professional. Selena Gomez of the Wizards of Waverly Place fame is a perfect example of someone who flaunts this look with panache.
Depending on your preference, there are many styles that you could sport for your party. Here, we have some hairstyles that have been doing the rounds of Quinceanera parties in recent times.

Hair Twist

One of the perfect, traditional styles for curly hair, it is a spot-on choice if you are planning to wear a tiara. Tie your hair into a low ponytail and then twist it tightly. Now pin the twisted mass of hair at the crown of your head. Curl the hair that are astray and use a hairspray to set everything in place. Wear your tiara and secure it with pins.

Braid Crown

If the idea of wearing a tiara does not appeal to you, then this braid hairstyle that lets you use your own hair as a tiara may seem interesting. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and then braid it using ribbons of colors of your choice.
Now wrap the braid around your head to form a circle and pin it up with bobby pins and set it using a hairspray. Pull out a few tendrils of hair to soften the look. You can use different hair accessories like gems and flower barrettes or clips to accentuate the braid crown.

Half Updo

You want to leave your hair loose, but at the same time do not relish the idea of having your hair cover your face while you go berserk dancing. Well, if this sounds similar to your predicament, then a half updo with a section of your hair left loose will probably be a good option.
Just take two sections from both sides of your hair and pin them up using unique hair accessories like combs or clips, that suit your sense of style. Brush the rest of your hair and flaunt the semi casual look.

Wavy Tendrils

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, then count yourself among the few lucky ones who can boast of having hair that is the current toast of all the top celeb hairstylists. However, if you do not have wavy hair, then get your stylist to set your hair in rollers or to curl it with a curling iron to create curls.
Do not curl your hair completely; instead let the top portion of your hair be straight and let the rest of your hair fall in soft, wavy curls. Avoid brushing your hair with a hair brush. Run your fingers through your curly hair to give it definition.

Dramatic Bob

If the traditional styles bore you and you are looking for something more dramatic, then a bob with side bangs maybe the perfect look for you.
Channel Victoria Beckham and get your stylist to give you a similar graduated bob haircut but with longer side bangs. Accessorize the look with jeweled clips.
These were just some of the many fashionable hairstyles that you can opt for your fifteenth birthday. Proper hair care will ensure that your hair does not get ruined by the styling products that you use on your hair.
It is always better to consult a stylist before making a decision, as the stylist will be able to give you the different options that you can have, depending on what will suit you. Choose one of these and enjoy being the belle of the ball being thrown in your honor.