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Makeup for Purple Smokey Eyes

Mukta Gaikwad
Can't get the perfect purple eye for a party tonight? Here's how to do a purple smokey eye at home within minutes.
Smokey eyes have ruled the world of night make up for quite a while. No wonder they are most sought after eye makeup style. If well done, smokey eyes conjure an enigma and mysticism for the wearer. Another interesting look that one can wear is the smokey eyes effect.
This color of royalty simply adds to the opulence and grandeur of the look. Purple smokey eyes are extremely easy to do at home with the right make up. Blending of colors is all you need to do to get the correct shade of purple for your eye.

Get Smokey Eyes

Step # 1

The first step for wearing the smokey eye look is to prepare the eyelid. Often times, as you must have seen, makeup gets stuck between creases and starts melting. Thus, to keep your eyelid oil-free use an eyeshadow base known as primer. Dab a bit of MAC's paint as the base and let the work begin!

Step # 2

Next, apply the eyeliner along the border of your upper eyelash. You can use a purple eyeliner if you wish, otherwise black will be fine too. Let the eyeliner draw a thick line in the middle. If you want a dash of shimmer, use a jewel toned eyeliner.

Step # 3

Now start smudging the eyeliner. This will make the bottom of your eye (towards the upper lash) darker than the remaining part. The key is to smudge the liner well, so that the eyeshadow will look brilliant.

Step # 4

Once the eyeliner is completely smudged and has a hazy look, sweep a lighter shade of eyeshadow through the middle. A shimmery champagne shade will have a nice effect to the eventual smokey eye. Once again see to it that the eyeliner and the shimmer are well smudged.

Step # 5

Now bring on dash of purple in the center of the eye. You will have to smudge again. Once again the darker shade will be towards the upper eyelash and it will lighten up as you move up. All the colors need to blend well. Once the blending and merging is done, you need to give your smokey eyes a shape.

Step # 6

With the brush that you have used to create the magic of smokey eyes, shape the eyeshadow. Use a eyeshadow, closest to your skin color to give the shape, if you can't get rid of the dark eye shadow.
This is how you get the smokey eye look. The rest of your makeup too needs to complement your smokey eyes. Minimal makeup or a nude makeup which comes closer to your actual skin color will focus the attention on your eyes. If you don't want to wear make up on the rest of your face, wear a lip gloss. Your luscious lips and smokey eyes will be enough to make heads turn!
Use an eyelash curler to make your eyelashes look long and thick. A black or transparent mascara will enhance your lashes. Finally, to make the charm of purple smokey eyes work for you, wear a dress that complements the make up. So this is not just about sensuous eyes, but a sensuous you too!