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Purple Hair Highlights

Pragya T
Purple hair highlights can go with most hair colors provided one has the skin tone and eye color to carry it off. In this following story, we will understand what these factors are, and give you examples of some of the ways in which you can try purple highlights.

Handy Tip

Always consult your hairdresser before opting for purple highlights. They will be better able to guide you about the shade and style that will best enhance your looks.
Purple highlights are not for the faint-hearted. As far as making bold statements is concerned, purple highlights will do that with absolute elan and gumption. That being said, purple hair color, or highlights, as the case may be, are not for everyone. 
Apart from the fact that they require oodles of attitude to carry off, there are certain other factors that have to be considered before getting your hair colored in different shades of purple.
For one, your skin tone plays an important role in determining the shade of purple you should go in for (or whether you should even opt for purple highlights in the first place), and second, your eye color. Other than these two major factors, the color of your hair is also important in determining the kind of shade you should choose.
In this following story, we will take you through these factors in greater detail.

Samples on Different Base Hair Colors

A combination of light blue and purple highlights all through black hair
A combination of dark red and purple highlights on brown hair
Dark purple highlights all through long, black hair
Dark purple highlights all through long brown hair
Light purple highlights in the ends of long, blonde hair
Light purple and pink highlights in the ends of short, platinum blonde hair

Factors to Consider

Skin Tone Color

A cool skin tone is a preferred choice for getting purple highlights. A cool skin tone could feature any of these―a brown or bronze color post tanning, a pale complexion with pink undertones, a pale complexion with no color in the cheeks. 
And medium complexion with no color in the cheeks, a medium complexion with faint pink cheeks, a true olive complexion, usually observed in Asians and Latinos, or a very dark brown complexion. These skin tones will naturally carry purple highlights exceptionally well.

Eye Color

The eye color also plays an important role in determining whether one should go in for purple highlights. People with cool eye colors can easily opt for these highlights. These feature eye colors like hazel with white, gray or blue flecks, gray blue or dark blue shades, as well as those which are deep brown or blackish brown.

Natural Hair Base Color

As far as the hair color is concerned, different shades of purple highlights can be used on most hair colors like jet or raven black hair, brown or cinnamon hair, ash blonde, platinum blonde, or strawberry blonde hair and the like.

Ideas for Highlights

Purple highlights can look exceptionally good on varied base hair colors. Some of the options and combinations that you can try have been listed below. Either way, they break the monotony of the base color and give it more depth.
  • Purple highlights look exceptionally great on shiny, raven-black hair color. These can either be done up as highlights and then used liberally through the length and width of the hair, or they can be used only on one thick section of the hair.
  • A base hair color of white or platinum blonde will also highlight the purple shade really well.
  • To make a very bold statement, go in for a mix of deep blue and dark purple highlights. Though these look great on most base hair colors, they are enhanced better on raven-black hair.
  • A mix of dark burgundy and dark purple makes for one of the most eye-catching combinations on the hair as well. Used mainly on brown or black hair, it makes for a great mix on other base colors also.
  • On a base of platinum blonde, white or icy blonde hair, get some pink and purple highlights near the crown. To enhance the look further, dye the bottom few inches of your hair ends into the same shade of purple.
  • Another style that can be tried is to take two long strands of hair located right behind the ear and color these completely purple. Then leave the rest of the hair dark blue or icy white.

Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

Purple hair dye is not as strong as blonde, black, or brown dyes and doesn't last very long. To protect your hair color, it is important that you follow a proper routine meant to extend the life of your colored hair.
Use specially made shampoos and conditioners for colored hair, and use mild hair care products, if any. Avoid exposing your hair to the sun, since doing so will fade the color faster. You should also wear protective gear like caps, hats, scarves, etc to further protect your mane.