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Punk Hairstyle Ideas

Do you want to style your hair punk? Then here are punk hairstyle ideas that will help to get these styles...
Pragya T
Punk hairstyles are edgy hairstyles which not everybody can carry. So, think twice before you consider getting these hairstyles. These are edgy hairstyles which need to be maintained properly and need to be styled carefully to get the punk edgy hair look. Hence, if you can spend some time styling your hair everyday, then only go for these hairstyles.

Choose a Style

First of all you need to choose a style. There are many popular long and short punk hairstyles for women and men. Mohawk hairstyles being the most popular are followed by faux hawk styles. These are popular punk hairstyle for women and men.
Mullet are popular styles and are sported by many men and women. You can combine the Mohawk and mullet style together to create a modern-looking style.
Choppy edgy bob cuts are also popular. Scene and emo hairstyles also give a punk look and are opted by many.
So, first consider a style which you like the most. However, for simple punk short styles you can simply style whatever you have right now like a porcupine by using an extra hold gel.

Get Choppy Layers

Once you have decided the style you want, you need to get it cut. First get the hair cut into the desired length and basic shape. Then get it cut into deep choppy layers.
Whether it comes to getting punk short hair or long punk hair choppy layers are a must. As it bring out an edgy and well-defined strands look. To cut the hair choppy the stylist will hold a hair strand and tilt the scissor at a 45 degree angle to make a cut. This way the stylist will cut all the hair strands into different lengths to get a layered effect.

Get the Wispy Ends

To get soft-looking wispy ends a razor is used. When a razor is run through the hair after the cut, it removes the bulk of the hair. This gives the hair a more tapering look and a sleek, punk look. This wasn't done with old punk styles, when glue and hot iron was used to get tall Mohawks for long hair.

Pick Bright Colors

These hairstyles for girls and guys are vibrant-looking styles. However, many punk short haircuts or long styles can be seen left to the original hair color of blonde or black.
But, in order to give the hair a genuine punk look, dyeing the hair with bright colors is a good idea. There are many colors you can consider from.
To get bright hair color you need to pre-bleach your hair for the best results. You can pick hair colors like flaming orange, electric blue, acid green, hot pink hair color, etc. Manic Panic has some of the best color shades and are demi-permanent dyes, which do a good job.
You can shop online to get these hair colors. Pre-bleach your hair (even if it is blonde) to get the best results. You can also mix two or three bright hair colors to create an awesome and unique-looking hairdos.
For example, a flaming orange with hot pink looks great. Or coloring hair with gradations of black, blue, and purple can also be a great hair color idea. Punk styles for women with long hair can be kept completely black with some highlights of bright pink or red.
So, pick a particular style and get it done by a stylist. Color your hair funky in some hot colors and enjoy your new cool-looking punk styles.