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Pros and Cons of Curly Hair

Buzzle Staff
You love to hate them, but secretly you just cannot live without them. Yup, we are talking about your crowning glory, your gorgeous curls, which, BTW, do not look gorgeous all the time. There are some problems which only people with curly hair can understand. Check out some funny curly hair problems...

Questions Every Curly-haired Girl Faces...

  • Is that your natural hair?
  • Did you perm your hair?
  • Can I touch your hair?
  • Why don't you comb your hair?
  • Why don't you straighten your hair?
There is something so fascinating about curls. They look rebellious and cute at the same time. Curly hair is a show stealer, no doubt about it. It intrigues and surprises, it charms and enthralls, most importantly it bounces! It just makes you happy!
But all's not as hunky dory as it seems, a curly girl always has too much on her plate, or should we say head! Curls have a personality of their own, and various moods as well. You can actually never predict what they are up to, we can vouch for that!
So depending on the curl forecast for the day, and numerous external factors, the life of a curly girl is in short like this.


Curls are versatile!

Messy curls, beachy waves, or slick straight, our hair can do it all! Everyday your hair looks different and unique, and you get all sorts of questions from people. Well, keep them guessing!
Straight hair may not hold curls really well, but curly hair can be straightened perfectly. So basically more options!

Just wash and go!

Styling curly hair is as easy as it can get. All you need is a good conditioner. Yup, shampoo is your enemy, but a conditioner is your friend. Just moisturize your hair and let them dry naturally.
And... the result is those beautiful twirls and swirls! We don't need a comb, or a dryer, or a straightener. Good to go as is!

They bounce!

Yes, they bounce! That's what makes them so appealing and attractive. Curls have that carefree vibe, cheerfulness, and rebelliousness which is oh-so endearing!

Curls steal the show!

Wherever you go, your curls instantly make you stand out, even if you may not want to. It's like you are wearing a crown of curls, girl! People tend to immediately find you fascinating, and different.

Warm in winter!

Long curly hair are a blessing in winter. They ensure that you don't feel very cold, and always give you that much-needed warmth. In fact you won't even need a hoodie to cover your head, you have your very own natural insulator!

Updos look classier!

Just a simple bun with a few loose curly strands makes an elegant hairstyle.
When straight-haired girls want to look glamorous, they curl their hair. Yes, curls and waves are much preferred for proms and weddings. Yup, we don't have to worry; our hair is already classy!

Highlights look better!

The textures and layers in curly hair make highlights look all the more dazzling. You can experiment like crazy and rock some risque colors as well. All the latest color trends like ombre, tip-dyeing, etc., look stunning with curls.

Curls are special!

Curls will never make you look ordinary. They will add that extra pizzaz in your step, they will always make you feel special. So, don't consider your curls as a burden, they are your strength!


Combs are our enemies!

Yes, curly hair and combs don't go together. Combing curls is like unfurling a giant frizz monster. Plus, your comb is bound to get stuck up in all that hair mass, and lead to breakage. So we just prefer to dose our curls with a conditioner, scrunch them, and let them live!

No bangs!

Don't even think of getting bangs if you have curls, unless of course you have the time and patience to style them each and everyday.

Those bad hair days...

Yes, on really bad days you might end up looking like your pet. Well, sometimes you just simply cannot do anything, so just take it as a compliment and let it go! And, your pet will feel a better connection with you as well!

When they decide to misbehave!

Curls can be very stubborn on some days, they will not listen to you at all. No point asking them to calm down, braids and buns will rescue you on such days.

Pins literally vanish!

Put as many pins as you want, they are never going to be enough! Never! Half of them will disappear in your head itself, so good luck finding them!

Haircuts are useless!

Coco Chanel said, a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life, but that rarely happens with curly-haired girls. Whatever haircut who get, people only notice that your hair is shorter. The only haircut available for curly hair is lots of layers, and it is so hard to find a stylist who will actually make a difference to your hair.

Humidity = Disaster!

Rains, humidity, frizzzzzzz....!!! Though moisture is our friend, humidity is our enemy! The worst is the rainy season, when no amount of leave-in conditioner or serum can tame your magnetic tresses.

Sleeping issues!

Every curly-haired girl has sleep issues, especially if your hair is long. Curls weigh too much, they keep on coming on your face to disrupt sleep, and tying them is also not very comfortable. So depending on how you sleep, which side you sleep, and all such things, you will wake up with some kind of creature on your head the next morning.
We do share a love hate relationship with our curls. When they are good, they are really good, and when bad, don't even ask! The more you fight against your natural texture, the more your hair will get out of hand. So, remember, swishy swirls, tangled twirls, silly girls, embrace your curls!