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Best Prom Hairstyles for 2020

Pragya T
Prom hairstyles are romantic and beautiful looking. But, you don't have to go with the usual options. For prom, mix some trendy prom styles with some unusual ideas and you have a unique hairdo.
Everybody wants to look their best for prom. Girls go shopping for their prom dress, weeks before the event. With a beautiful prom dress, an equally beautiful hairstyle should be worn.
However, avoid going with the same old prom hairstyles. For this year, try a cool, and new hairstyle idea which looks different and at the same time beautiful. Here are some great and unique prom hairstyle ideas for 2020 with pictures.

Side Updos

Half updos, wavy updos, chignons, and French buns are pretty common. This time, try a side updo. They look romantic, and are very popular. You can create any type of updo hairstyle and fix the updo on one side of the head.
Also, if you are parting your hair sideways, then fix the updo on the side of the head which lies on the major parted side of the hair. Curly or straight simple updos look as great as side updos.

Unusual Braids

Braids look elegant, but this time try something different. Go for some new combinations of braid. Crown braids look amazing. If you have long hair, and with a gorgeous gown, you will look stunning.
You can try side parting the hair and French braid both of the sides. Then bring these two braids at the back to make a bigger braid. You can accessorize the braid with jewels, it will make you look like a princess.

Hair Down Styles

These are classic hairstyles, and they never go out of fashion. Layers work well on all types of hair and face shapes. You can also get some cute bangs along with it.
Tousled hair is another option which looks gorgeous, and it's super fun to carry them off. Tousled hair looks amazing on short, medium, or long hair. You can also braid, twist, or pin the crown section of your hair, and let the rest of your hair down.

Teased Half-up

This half up and half down hairstyles are back in fashion now.
Tease the top section of your hair into a puffy bun at the crown part and keep the rest of your hair dangling down. This will give you an elegant and descent look. This is suitable for womens with thick and long hair.

Barrel Curls

Barrel curls look good on any hair length, but making barrel curls on short hair is less time consuming.
You can use cool rollers if you are going to damp your hair, or you can use curling irons, or hot rollers. Create sections of your hair, and curl them. Open your curls after 10 minutes. And ta-da you have your very own barrel curls. But make sure you don't let the hot curling iron touch your scalp, or else it will burn your scalp.

Pinned Back Hairstyles

This is one of the simplest hairstyles anyone can opt for, and it helps you create an ever-lasting impression. All you need to do is take a section of your hair from behind your ears and pin it back.
Let the rest of your hair loose, you can also do curls, or waves on the loose strands. This hairstyle looks great on any kind of prom dress.
With every hairstyle, make sure you use some sort of hair accessory. There are many hair accessories to choose from. You can use simple hair bands or jeweled ones. You can also use ribbons for an elegant look.
Avoid rubber bands, as they give a tight look. If you are using rubber bands for securing the updo, then use transparent bands. Also, you can use dangling earrings to accessorize.

Once you are done creating your hairstyle, apply some good quality hair spray to it. This will make the hair appear shinier and keep the hairstyle in place for a longer time period.