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Prom Updo Hairstyles

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Looking for prom updo hairstyles? Here are various styles perfect for any occasion.
As far as a woman's style and elegance is concerned, it is not only the dressing sense and accessories that matter for looking great, but a perfect hairstyle also contributes a lot in enhancing a woman's personality and confidence. Updos are preferred for a formal party. Either going for a prom or a special date, it makes you look gorgeous.

Hair Updos for Proms

Mention any hair texture and length, you will find a great updo. Nevertheless, the type of prom updo hairstyles that will suit you depend on your facial structure, hair color, hair texture, and hair length.
Learn the ideas and requirements to create a great looking hair updos for proms; you can use ponytail holders, long hair pins, and gels to manage the hair gracefully.

Formal Prom Hairstyles

When speaking about formal prom styles, the options are many. They look best in medium and long hair with large curls.
Dust your hair with baby powder (do not overdo) to give a fuller texture and ensure that you do not apply too much gel as it will give a stiff appearance. Create a perfect looking formal style by making the use of hair pins and pulling the curls in different directions.

African-American Styles

African-American styles are one of the fascinating variants so far. The naturally rich hair texture and color always attract attention, even if you stay in a crowd. You can make small braids first before creating the updo. Though it requires a lot of effort to create and manage this, you will look different and fabulous.

Curly Updo

If you have curly or wavy hair, try a curly updo. It can be an alternative to look different for those with straight hair. Use curlers to create the wavy touch to the hair prior to styling.
Do not comb your hair after removing the curlers, instead tease the hair strands lightly with fingers. Position the curls on top of the head, if you have a broad face. This will make your face structure to appear oval.

Half Updo

If you don't like the idea of pulling back all the hair, you can opt for half updos. In order to create this one, you can consider pulling half the hair up and the other half down. Create small curls first and tie a half ponytail by gathering hair from both sides of the head. You can make use of pins to gather the curls from different direction.

Updo for Medium Hair

For medium hair, create larger curls and set a zig-zag or deep side part with the comb. Following this, pull the hair back in a high ponytail. Make a loose bun and pin each of the individual curls on the top of the crown and its sides.
If you have a broad and large face, you can leave hair strands on the sides for framing the facial structure. Follow the same steps for long hair. However, more hair accessories will be required for securing the long tresses.
With so many options and flexibilities, updo hairstyles are the top choice of preference for many of the prom goers. An addition of a decorative floral pin at the nape or on the side of the ear gives you a stylish look.