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Pretty Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Rimlee Bhuyan
Eye makeup can enhance the look of your eyes and make them look bolder and bigger. If you are blessed with brown eyes, there are many tips and tricks to enhance their appeal...
Most women will at least swipe on some mascara and eyeliner before leaving the house, even if they don't have time to put on foundation and lipstick. Eye makeup is something that a woman simply can't do without, and rightly so, considering that the right kind of eye makeup can greatly enhance the overall look of the face.
Eye makeup should always be chosen with care and caution, as low-quality products can ruin your eyes and lead to eye disorders. Another very important thing to remember is that the color of your makeup should complement the natural color of your eyes, and not that of your clothes.

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If you select the right products and style, it will enhance the look of your eyes and make them attractive. If you have beautiful brown eyes, choose shades that will make the eyes pop and bring out the hazel or honey color of the eyes.

Makeup Ideas and Tips for Brown Eyes

To enhance the look of your eyes, you need the right eyeshadow colors for brown eyes. If you have brown eyes you are really lucky, because most colors look great on brown eyes. You should also keep in mind the skin tone you possess before deciding on the color of the eyeshadow. Fair-skinned women can carry off most colors, but they look better with soft, pastel, creamy eyeshadow.
Those with an olive skin can choose rich and vibrant hues, but steer clear of any frosted and pale colors, as they will make your eyes appear smaller than they are. With the correct color and application technique of the eyeshadow, you can make your eyes look seductive and smoldering with minimal work.


Let's talk about eyeliners first. They are the most basic makeup product for eyes. There are some women who cannot think beyond black and brown eyeliners. But these two colors, though used by most women, do not look that great with brown eyes.
To make brown eyes really stand out, you need a burst of color. Some of the best eyeliners for brown eyes are navy blue, midnight blue, teal, indigo, moss green, purple, and aqua blue.
They should be applied along the upper and the lower lash line with a gentle but firm motion. These intense but deep colors go beautifully with brown eyes. Black eyeliners fail to create this impact, and can make you look tired and jaded. Some great eyeliners for brown eyes are:
  • MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Petrol Blue
  • Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Peacock
  • Maybelline Contour Kohl in Inky Violet
  • Max Factor Color Perfect Eyeliner in Icy Blue
  • Bourjois Metallic Eyeliner in Vert Peptite


The next step in eye makeup is to choose the right shade of eyeshadow. You can also choose any eyeshadow formulation from powder, cream, gel, to liquid ones. If you have dry skin, it is best to apply a cream, as this will last for a longer time and you will also be able to blend it well.
Those with oily skins should opt for either powder or gel eyeshadow. People with brown eyes should opt for an eyeshadow in taupe, copper, gray, misty greens, lavender, and amethyst.
A very good shade for brown eyes is a deep emerald. This jungle-inspired color looks great with a touch of gold. First prepare your eyelids by using a bit of primer and smudging it all around the eyelid. This helps the eyeshadow last longer.
Now use a brush to gently apply emerald eyeshadow around the eyelid, making sure that you blend it all around the crease. Now apply a gold colored eyeshadow along the inner corners of the eyes. Finish it off by applying a turquoise eyeliner and by swiping your lashes with two coats of mascara.
Experiment with different colors and types of eyeliners, such as metallic and pearly finishes, to create new looks. The most important thing to remember while applying eye makeup is to blend the eyeshadow as much as possible so that no hard edges are visible. Do not forget to apply mascara, as this makes your eyes open up and look irresistible.