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Tips and Ideas for Getting That Pretty Eye Makeup

Deepa Kartha
Do you want to learn the art of doing beautiful eye makeup? These simple tips can make your eyes look gorgeous.
One of the most important part of the makeup process is eye makeup, as the eyes are the most noticeable feature on a face. Hence, it is important to know this art, especially when one has to attend a party or some other special event. Here are some basic steps that everyone can try while doing up the eyes.

Eye Makeup Ideas and Tips

Eye makeup can be divided into several steps, as it starts with the application of concealer and ends with the application of mascara. Each of the step that comes in between should be done with precision to achieve the perfect result.
Hence, it is important to practice this during your free time. Before beginning the process, you have to clean your face with a good face wash, followed by a moisturizer and toner. Once you have done this, you can follow the steps that are given here to achieve pretty peepers.


Concealer is considered to be the best and most important product by makeup artists. This is because it helps in hiding the imperfections that can hamper the way one looks.
For instance, there are many people who have dark circles under the eyes and applying concealer can help in hiding them. For this, apply the concealer directly under the eyes and blend it with the foundation. Though you can apply two coats of concealer under your eyes, do not apply more.

Eye Base

Once you are done with the concealer, the next step would be to use the eye base. Just like the concealer, using eye base is also important because it helps in making the makeup stay fresh for a longer time.
Experts are of the opinion that applying eye shadow without using the eye base, which is considered to be the primer, can make the shadow look greasy. This can spoil the whole look and hence, do not forget to apply the eye base just after you have applied the concealer.

Eye Shadow

After the eye base, it's time for application of eye shadow. When it comes to eye shadows, there is a variety of options which you can choose from.
For instance, though powder-based eye shadows are commonly used, it is also fine to use cream-based eye shadows. Eyeshadow colors will depend on the color of your eyes, skin, as well as that of your outfit.
It must be something that blends well with all the three factors mentioned here. You can achieve this by using 3 or more colors while applying your eye shadow. The first color which is called the highlighter should be a very light color which matches your skin tone. Apply this shade to the entire eyelid till your brow bone.
Then, choose a medium color which you should apply only on your eyelid and then a dark color on the crease of your lid. In the end, blend these colors together to get a natural look. If you want to get a dramatic look, you can also apply a shimmery shade as your third color.


The next step is application of eyeliner. Eyeliner is said to be the most difficult step in the eye makeup process, as it takes time to get the perfect line. For a simple look, apply a thin line with your eyeliner as close as possible to your eyelids.
If you want to have a different look, cat eye makeup would also be great, where you have to extend the liner a little upwards at the crease.
Though thin eyeliner looks the best, if you want to give your eyes a dramatic effect, a thick line will look amazing as well. Even in case of eyeliner, you do not have to stick to black, rather you can experiment with a variety of colors that are available.


The last step of eye makeup is the application of mascara. However, before you this, it is important to curl your eyelashes with a good eyelash curler. 
Curling helps in giving the lashes a longer and fuller effect. Once you have done this, apply one or two coats of mascara on your upper as well as lower eyelashes.
Hope these tricks and tips were helpful to you. With practice you will understand what kind of eye makeup suits you the best. So, keep these steps in mind and you will surely be able to create an enchanting and gorgeous look for your eyes.