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Powder Foundation Tips

Niharika Arya
Foundations are of three types: liquid, cream, and powder foundation. Choosing a foundation that matches your skin color, tone, and texture is necessary. Powder foundation is considered one of the best options for oily skin. Read on to find some interesting and helpful tips on powder foundation.
People with oily face are always worried about their makeup, as it gets down very quickly. Powder foundation is specially meant for those who have oily skin and combination skin. It is known for its matte finish and satin look.
If you are in a hurry and want to get a quick makeup, then powder foundation is the best option for you. It is further classified into four types.
  1. Pressed Powder-Based Foundation
  2. Mineral Powder Foundation
  3. Liquid to Powder Foundation
  4. Cream to Powder Foundation

1. Pressed Powder-Based Foundation

They control the excess oil. They are easy to apply and quickly blend with the skin. They come in a compact form.

2. Mineral Powder Foundation

They are specially made for acne prone and sensitive skin. They are made up of special minerals which heal and calm inflammation.

3. Liquid to Powder Foundation

Containing water as their main constituent, they are light on the skin and give it a semi matte finish. Liquid to powder foundations gives your skin a smooth touch and are long-lasting.

4. Cream to Powder Foundation

They are made for normal to slightly dry skin and are a blend of cream and pressed powder foundation. They also come in compact and look creamy. These are better than pressed powder ones and give a matte finish to the skin.
Now after getting the information about various types of powder foundation, you must be pretty sure which foundation will be suitable for oily skin or combination skin or a normal skin.

Perfect Selection of Powder Foundation

First you need to find out about your skin type whether its oily or dry. Skin texture also depends upon the seasons, so all the things should be kept in mind. If you have oily skin, you should go for a water based foundation and if it's a dry skin, you should opt for an oil based foundation.
Cream foundations are best known for their camouflage property. If you have some flaws, cream foundation will hide it and will make your skin glow.
Next is the color of foundation. You should search for a color which exactly matches your skin and gets disappeared on blending thoroughly. Always try the foundation color on the jaw lines. Buy it only when you are satisfied with the color. Only the best match can give you the best look.

Powder Foundation Application Tips

Following these steps will help you to get a flawless natural look. Just follow the sequence and check out for your fresh look.
  • Clean your face with a cleanser to remove all the impurities, then tone it with a toner.

  • Apply moisturizer and let it be absorbed by the skin for 2-3 minutes. Moisturizer acts like a protective layer and keeps your skin moisturized.

  • Use a concealer to hide marks, acne spots or any other imperfections. Apply directly on the spots and blend it properly.
  • Now apply foundation of your shade with a sponge or a brush. Cover your entire face, specially the darker areas like the nose, forehead and chin. If you are using a brush, apply the foundation in a circular manner.

  • Start blending the foundation. Watch out for any patches and hard lines. Mix it up nicely and carry on with the remaining makeup as usual.
After completing foundation makeup, you are perfect to go ahead with the rest of your makeup. You can get a matte finish look only with a powder foundation. So, just follow our tips and see the effects.
You can go for the best powder foundation in the market that can make your face more attractive, naturally. Just grab them and make yourself more presentable and gorgeous.