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Popular Teen Hairstyles

Kashmira Lad
Outfit - check; shoes - check; hairstyle - uh oh! Stuck in a hairstyle mess? Relax. You'll be amazed at the number of teen hairstyles that are popular these days.
Girls who are looking for a style that says the sweet 'girl-next-door' or something that represents your individuality, the possibilities are numerous.
And whoever said guys do not have enough options when it comes to styling their hair, they got it wrong! So check out the most popular teen hairstyles.

Styles for Girls

Spotted on - Emma Watson
If you are looking for a hairstyle that's short, edgy, and screams sophistication, then this is the best option for you. Although the pixie has been around since the 1920s, it ranks high on the trend meter even today.
This style requires very little maintenance, making it the perfect choice for teenage girls. Make sure you go to a trusted stylist to get the pixie; the right cut is extremely important. Use a styling product like mousse and the blow-dryer occasionally; the stares of appreciation will definitely make it worth the effort! 
As this style draws attention to your eyes, you can use light makeup for special occasions, in addition to a pair of nice eye-catching earrings.
Spotted on - Kristen Stewart
This style from the punk world has now become a popular favorite amongst teenagers. Wacky and messy, yet super trendy, describes this style.
The characteristics of the emo are long fringes and bold highlights.
This style is adopted by young girls as an expression of their individuality and emotional state of being.The trick to getting the perfect look is to keep the hair short at the back and long bangs in the front.
You must also choose a highlight that is bold and bright in contrast to the deep black color of the traditional emo. It would be advisable to use a shampoo for colored hair in order to keep the highlighted hair healthy. Dark kohl for the eyes and beaded accessories on the neck or the hands will perfectly complement this hairstyle.
Spotted on - Selena Gomez
The one trend that will never go out of fashion is the bob. It is a style that suits all hair and face types. From Rihanna to Victoria Beckham, celebrities have been spotted carrying off this look with elegance.
Try the bob and create various styles, like a parting either in the center or on either side. It is a fairly low-maintenance style that requires regular trims to keep the length intact. A statement neck-piece and a lip color that suits your skin tone will enhance your look.
Spotted on - Taylor Swift (Side Ponytail)
Give a classic and regular pony some twist, to create a stylish, fun, flirty look depending on the occasion. Maintenance of the side ponytail is easy, and needs just regular washing, conditioning, and the occasionally blow-drying.
Use a straightener or curling iron on special days to get the perfect look. You can go for a sleek pony after straightening your hair. This gives you a smart and no-nonsense kind of look.
For something more flirtatious, go for a pony with soft curls. Jazz up the look by using cute hairpins with embellishments or bands with flowers to tuck the hair..
Spotted on - Ashley Olsen
A style that is smart and feminine, the French braid is popular among women, especially teenagers. This style is very practical as it keeps the hair away from face. Take the regular school girl braid up a few notches on the style meter by turning it into a French braid.
This braid begins at the crown of the head, which helps in securing the hair that is too short. Before you start working on the braid, it is important to make sure that your hair is dry and that there are no tangles. For a night out, you can use hair embellishments to jazz up the look, and wrap a pretty scarf around your neck to make the look truly French.
Spotted on - Miley Cyrus
Another stylish look for Rapunzel-like tresses is the layered haircut. This is the perfect style to add that sexy bounce and volume to your hair, and it requires very little effort to look amazing.
If you have curly hair, layers will enhance your natural curls; if you have straight hair, they will give it a nice texture, and for very fine hair, layers will provide the much-needed volume and movement.
You can change the length of your bangs to experiment with this hairstyle. Apart from the regular washing and blow-drying, layers do not call for any special treatment(s). However, a regular trim is a must to keep your hair healthy. You can also wear a cute headband to add that girly touch to your look.
Spotted on - Robert Pattinson
This is popular for football players, and was adopted by the armed forces of the United States during World War II. It became a major fashion trend during the 1950s. The long crew cut is referred to as the 'ivy league crew cut' in the United States.
Ideally, the hair has one length at the front, and is reduced to a uniform shorter length towards the crown of the head. You can decide to keep the back and sides either short or medium in length too. This style takes just a couple of minutes to dry, and occasionally, gel can also be used to give it a shiny look.
Spotted on - Justin Bieber
This hairstyle became popular as a symbol of rebelling against authority, as it was popularized by the punk rock movement of the 1980s. However, today, it is one of the most popular hairstyles for anyone who has the courage to go for it.
The hair on the sides is shaved or cut very short, while the hair at the top of the head is kept longer in the middle, depending on how high you want the Mohawk to stand.
For the more adventurous boys, if your parents agree, you can also get the Mohawk highlighted with a color of your choice. This style may require some intense maintenance, as you need to get the sides trimmed regularly, and need to use gel to hold the Mohawk in place. But the end result will make sure that all eyes are on you, wherever you go.
Spotted on - Leo Howard
This is one of the most well-known hairstyles in the history of fashion. It is not just a hairstyle but a way of life, as it is described as 'business in the front and party in the back'.
The hair is kept short in the front and on the sides, while it is longer at the back. Billy Ray Cyrus has been one of the most popular celebrities flaunting this hairstyle. The style does not require any extra efforts to maintain. To make it more fuss-free, you can also tie the long hair at the back into a ponytail.
Your hairstyle and overall appearance say a lot about your personality. Teenage years are often referred to as the 'Awkward' or 'Acne' years. However, these are the years when you will start developing your own individual style. Experiment with your look, try these hairstyles depending on your personality, and look your best!