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Types of Ponytail Holders

Aparna Jadhav
Are you looking for some great ideas of ponytail holders to match your casuals and formals? Well, take a look at the story coming up for a few such ideas.
Ponytails are a very convenient hairstyle for those who have long hair, thick or thin, straight or curly. Well, you will find many alternatives which can be used as ponytail holders, since most of us find ponytails the easiest hairstyles for indoors as well as outdoors.
There are many times when you need to tie a ponytail and can't find a holder, or you have to do with something that doesn't match your outfit! Therefore, for such times, I would suggest you keep, with you, a stack of these hair accessories or have alternatives for them.
But if you want to know which are these options you can choose from, we have a few ideas mentioned in the paragraphs below, take a look.

Types of Holders for Ponytails

There are various types of ponytails which can be used according to different occasions. You can tie a casual ponytail if you are at home, going to school or office, or if you are going to play a game! But there are various ponytail styles if they are being used as hairstyles for a party or an event. Thus, you need to have these holders depending on the occasion, as even the holders are noticed with the hairstyle.
This is why, there are various types of holders which are available in the market, so you can choose to wear them at any desired event. They also come in different colors, patterns, materials and can have designs and pictures on them. Here's some brief information about the many styles and patterns these holders for girls and guys are available in. Read on...

Elastic Holders

Scrunchies or elastic holders covered with fabric covering are very useful options, as they can be folded and twisted in any way. These accessories are also available in various color, so they can be used on any type of outfit and you will find as many varieties as you want. Scrunchies can be found in thick and strong patterns, where they can be used very effectively as holders for thick hair.
These elastic holders are found in other patterns like colorful phone strap hair bands, which are circular holders made from plastic cable curls. These look great when they are worn on casuals like dresses and jeans. Some other elastic holders usually have an elastic band with either some piece of art, like flowers, broaches, bunnies, etc. attached to them. These can be worn on side ponytails which are used for slightly formal and evening occasions.

Plastic Holders

It is not necessary that when you are wearing a ponytail, it has to be held in place by rubber or elastic bands. There are many other types of which can be used, such as ribbon holders, and if not fabric, then plastic holders. The ponytails which are made because of the elastic holders are not similar to the ones made by using the plastic holders.
The interlocking jaw combs, commonly called the banana clips are a great example of these plastic holders. You get a nice bouncy ponytail when these holders are used to hold your hair and clipped together vertically on the top. Hair claws and round plastic hair clips are also one of those holders which can be used other than elastic holders. These look great on any formal and casual outfits as they give the hairstyles or braids a very sophisticated look.
With these great ideas for holders, hope you found something that might prove useful for your hair! So, the next time you need a holder, I am sure you won't run out of ideas.