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Ponytail Hairstyles

Pragya T
There are more ponytail hairstyles than you think. Here are ideas that will help you create various styles of ponytail that you can try...
Ponytails are great hairstyles, if you have unmanageable hair. Ponytails are also ideal when working out or going outdoors trekking. They are easy to style and carry hairstyles and look good on people with almost all face types.
You can make ponytails in short, medium, or long hair. With some hair styling you can curl your hair, you can make a side ponytail to look sassy, or accompany a high ponytail with bangs and look cute.
You can try out ponytail styles with straight, wavy or curly hair. Also, tying the ponytail on different positions of the head can create different looks. A high ponytail can give a cute and sporty look. A side ponytail can give a romantic look. A ponytail at the nape of the neck can give a softer casual look.
High Ponytail with Bangs: To style your hair into these easy ponytail hairstyles with bangs, separate out your front bangs hair and comb all your hair back and secure them near your crown with a rubber band.
Again comb down the ponytail hair. Then comb down your bangs sideways. If you have blunt bangs, then use a round brush and blow dry these hair to style them.
Side Ponytail: These long hairstyles give an elegant and romantic look and can be worn for a formal party. If you don't have wavy hair, then use these tips to style your hair wavy-curly.
Wet all your hair, then apply curling hair mousse to the hair length at your ear level till the ends. Then scrunch your hair by holding different sections of your hair in your palms and making a fist.
Let your hair naturally dry, and you will have great curls in your hair. Then part your hair on the sides, and comb the hair at the crown, then collect all the hair over one shoulder, and tie them loosely near the base of your neck with a fancy band or an elegant clip.
Straight Hair Sleek Ponytail: These look great with a blunt Cleopatra style bangs.
If you don't have straight hair then use a hair straightening iron. Then comb all your hair, and separate out the bangs and rest of the hair. Comb all the hair except for the bangs, and tie them into a ponytail a little below your crown. Comb your bangs and check.
Easy Half Ponytail: These look great as curly ponytail styles, that give a messy look.
Comb your hair back, and then separate out half of the top hair, then comb them back again and tie them in a high ponytail. Comb the rest of the hair again. Take out few strands of hair on the sides of your face to soften your curly hairstyle look even more.
Cute Ponytail: To get a cute and sporty look, part your hair in the middle and divide your hair into two sections. Then take two rubber bands, and make loose ponytails on both the sides. You can take out some bangs on both sides if you like.
Puff and Ponytail Style: These look great as formal hairstyles.
Take out some hair from your front section, and tie the rest into a high ponytail. Then comb the front section of your hair, take them back and make a puff, secure it with hair clips and hairspray.
Now that you know there are so many ways to style your hair other than just a simple ponytail, try out these hairstyles ideas. And make sure for a party you use hair accessories like elegant clips, and for cute ponytails use beads and cute hair clips.