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Pomegranate Oil for Aging Skin

Using pomegranate oil for aging skin has proved to be quite an effective remedy. Find out how you too can have healthy, glowing skin, no matter how old you are.
Sujata Iyer
Using pomegranate oil for aging skin has proved to be quite an effective remedy. Find out how you too can have healthy, glowing skin, no matter how old you are.
A pomegranate is a fruit of which, amazingly, almost every part can be used. The seeds, the leaves, and even the peel! And we're not even talking about eating the delicious fruit. We're talking about its purely, non culinary uses.
Did you know that those juicy seeds that you eat after extraction from the flesh have more uses than just being eaten or making a martini? Did you know that precious oil can be extracted from the seeds? True story! Pomegranate oil after extraction can be used for a lot of anti-aging remedies.
Don't believe it! Just read the proceeding segments of this story. It will tell you all about how and why using pomegranate oil for aging skin is a fabulous idea.

√ Hydrates the Skin

Just looking at a pomegranate gives you a fair idea of the amount of water content it holds in its flesh. Hence, there's no doubt that the oil too has a lot of hydrating abilities. It is after all extracted from the seeds themselves. Pomegranate oil has immense hydrating properties. These properties help to keep the skin hydrated, which can become quite difficult when we are aging. They nourish the skin and maintain a favorable pH balance of the skin, side by side. So, it will definitely come handy, especially if you have dry skin.

√ Prevents Wrinkles

With aging, comes the unavoidable onset of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. While totally eliminating them may not really be possible, you would certainly like to slightly delay the process, wouldn't you?
That's where pomegranate oil comes to the rescue. Its hydrating properties mentioned above, are also responsible for ensuring that wrinkles and age lines stay away from your radiant face. By moisturizing the skin, the occurrence and visibility of wrinkles gets drastically reduced.

√ Maintains Elasticity

Wouldn't we all absolutely love to have soft, supple skin, that feels as fresh and healthy as it looks? Pomegranate oil fortunately can do that for your skin as well. It has a harmonious blend of fatty acids and punicic acid, that help to keep your skin healthy, soft, and free from irritations. It also helps to maintain favorable blood circulation and elasticity, which together give the skin a truly wholesome appeal.

√ Strengthens the Skin

While retaining the moisture of the skin, pomegranate oil also helps maintain the health of the skin. It has some very beneficial anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, which help the skin to combat irritations and other skin conditions. It also stimulates the generation of keratinocyte, which helps to revitalize the skin, and grow new healthy epidermal cells. These properties are very useful to aging skin, because it needs the strength to withstand the harsh environment around us.

√ Protects from the Sun

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, pomegranate oil is also known for its amazing antioxidant components. These components help not only to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, but also help in rendering additional brightness to the skin by lightening it. So you can use pomegranate oil and brave the sun's rays without care!
Seeing all these benefits of pomegranate oil, has prompted many cosmetic manufacturing giants and even other health related fields to incorporate it in a lot of their products, especially ones that cater to anti-aging remedies. They offer products like lotions, moisturizers, sunscreens, etc., that contain pomegranate oil or its essence.
You can also avail the benefits of this wondrous oil by indulging in aromatherapy, that uses it. Pure oil is available at health stores and cosmetic stores that offer natural remedies. So go ahead, get this wonderful oil, and wipe away all those signs of aging, with a flourish!