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Platinum Blonde Hair

Arjun Kulkarni
Platinum blondes have been brought back into fashion by celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Paris Hilton. Here are some methods to get this color for your hair.
The color was once a rage, pioneered by the 1950s sex icon, Marilyn Monroe. Her hair really got the audiences whistling like the wolves! Unfortunately, its popularity dipped as time passed and suddenly found itself unwanted and 'old-fashioned'.
Finally, the platinum blonde mane has made a comeback as most immortal style statements do. Its cause was championed mostly by some of the most beautiful women of today like Scarlett Johansson and Maria Sharapova, platinum blonde is back with a bang.
Its got all our women running to the parlors with the unequivocal demand that their hair coloring be done in that particular shade of blonde!

Dyeing Your Hair Platinum Blonde

Although slightly tricky, hair bleaching can be done at home too. But make sure you have some general experience with highlighting, before trying bleaching. After all, bleaching colors your entire mane and you don't want any unsightly glitches there! But if you do have experience, here is a simple way to get it.
  • Make sure you are in a well-ventilated room, because the color has a very strong smell and is not very easy to get rid of. Make sure you open on all the windows and the fans are all switched on. If the color enters your eyes, they will burn like hell. So, use something to cover your eyes. Remember safety comes first.
  • Mix the bleaching powder and creme developer in the prescribed proportion. The proportion may differ based on the coloring strength of each brand.
  • Apply a dollop of Vaseline on your hairline, ears, and neck so that the bleach doesn't touch your skin.
  • Now, separate your hair into 4 sections to make the bleach applying process simple. Start applying the mixture. Make sure you don't start at the roots. Start with the ends and slowly continue to the roots. The challenge is to apply everything uniformly otherwise you will end up with multiple shades of platinum.
  • After you are done with applying the bleach, put a clear plastic bag on top of your head. Make sure your hair are tucked inside properly. Let the bleach stay for up to 60 minutes.
  • Wash out the hair with a Ph neutralizing shampoo thoroughly and apply conditioner. Mind you, bleached hair is a maintenance hazard and requires the best hair care and protein boosting products.
  • Check if the shade of your hair is as desired. And voila! You now have the hair you wanted!

Points to Remember

Bleaching requires regular touch up for the roots every 2 - 3 weeks. Also, it makes the hair dry and brittle. So, use a good conditioner and leave-in serum every time you wash your hair.
To keep the color looking its best for a longer period of time, use hair products for blonde hair specifically.
Platinum blonde hair is very much the look that is going to be in for a while. So, you can try out this hairstyle some time soon!