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Stylish Pixie Haircuts for Older Women

Geeta Dhavale
Pixie haircuts are one of the most versatile and vibrant ones that elderly ladies could ever sport. Let's see what are the different variations of pixie haircuts for older women.
As age catches up with a woman, she tends to neglect her appearance, or rather, she prefers spending her time doing something constructive instead of wasting hours and hours in front of the mirror styling her looks.If you are also one of those females, a good pixie haircut is something you should get for yourself.
This hairstyle is sleek, trendy, fashionable, and extremely low maintenance so, it looks great without having to spend several hours styling your hair.

Vital Information

Though pixie hairstyles are versatile and trendy, not every woman can carry them that well. They are essentially short, and not many are comfortable with short hair. Apart from this, short hair does not suit everybody, and hence, you must consult your stylist before trying out this hairdo for yourself.
This fashionable hairstyle is all about confidence and vigor that can help you win loads of accolades if you carry it with the right attitude and grace. It is one of the most preferred short hairstyles for elderly ladies when it comes to a funky makeover.
It is easily manageable, simple, yet very stylish and chic. It looks great on fine, thin, as well as thick hair. It also has an edge when it comes to hair color, be it black, brown, blond, or platinum, it blends well with all of them.


Here are some of the variations that you can try to get the desired look that can suit your overall personality aptly.

With Bangs

This hairstyle combined with bangs is one of the flirtatious style that can be worn by the old ladies who think they are still young.
It may not be passed for everyday look, but it certainly makes you look much younger by hiding your age under those bangs. You also have the option to play with different lengths and styles of bangs, such as symmetrical and asymmetrical bangs, etc.

With Spikes

A spiky cut became a rage when few Hollywood celebs wore it for the red carpet events. And why not, when this unconventional and wild look can get the heads turning making you look utterly glamorous with a unique twist. Spikes highlight your facial features, and hence, it is essential to wear the right makeup when you are styling your hairstyle with spikes.

With Multiple Layers

The different layers in this hairstyle allow you to get the desired volume, which gives a unique look. You can experiment with different number of layers at different areas on your head. For example, for a playful and a little messy look, you can go for 'bed head' layers; whereas, for a casual look, stick to the asymmetrical, yet finely-chopped layers.

With Super Short Hair

This style looks amazing on ladies with a distinguishing character and substance. It looks sophisticated and adds the subtle sultry appeal to your overall persona, which stands for a bold style statement. Here too, you have the choice to play with layers, bangs, and spikes as you wish. This style especially looks great on ladies with an oval-shaped face.
These were some of the alterations you can bring in the pixie to make it look more hot and happening. For more ideas, you must consult your stylist. And also remember to trim your hair regularly to keep it stunning and in good shape forever. So, go get a suitable pixie that compliments your face type, hair texture, and personality, and flaunt it with style.