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Pink Lipstick for African-American Women

Read on for more about shades of pink lipstick for African-American women.
Saptakee Sengupta
African-American women are blessed with beautiful skin tones ranging from medium to dark. Usually the skin tone is dusky, and the intensity of duskiness varies from one woman to another.
So when you choose shades in pink, they must complement your skin tone. Pick up the right color to pamper your lips and let them look full and seductive.

Types of Pink Shades

Choosing the perfect shade of pink depends on your complexion and the shape of your lips. Apply it evenly to make them look attractive. Check out these tips, and pick the right color.

Light Complexion

Light or wheatish skin tones can try shades of pink closer to peach and red. Intensity of the pink can vary from pale to deep. Garnet, mystic magenta and violet shades give an attractive look to the lips.

Medium Complexion

For medium complexions, dark or light shades look good. Pinks that range in towards red, mauve, cherry, copper, berry and wine look gorgeous.
Medium complexioned women are lucky to have this skin tone as they can experiment with different varieties of pink. Magenta and bronze lipsticks also look beautiful on this skin.

Dark Complexion

Pinks in fuchsia or deeper towards red suit dark complexion. The lipstick should be darker. Pinks with hints of bronze and dark brown suit them the most.

Popular Brands

It is always suggested that whenever you buy any cosmetics always pick up the best brand available. Make sure you buy the right color for yourself. You can also mix two colors to get the color of your choice. Mac, Clarins, Lancome, and L'Oreal are few of the best brands available in the market.
Other good brands include Revlon, Rimmel, Dior, Clinique and Black Radiance. Pick the lipstick enriched with skin moisturizers and vitamins. You can also buy a good lip balm or moisturizer and apply it before applying lip color to keep your lips moisturized for long. To get the perfect shape for your lips, use a lip liner pencil to define your lips.
Since you have such a beautiful dark skin tone, you can always experiment with different shades of pink for your lipstick. Mix and match the colors to bring out the perfect hue. Keep in mind the place and occasion, and wear the right shade. Get gorgeous with the perfect lips.