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Pink Hair Color

Pink is a very funky hair color. However, a lot of care before and after dyeing your hair with pink hair color is required. Here are useful tips and ideas on getting pink color in hair.
Pragya T
Pink color in hair makes you look hot, and surely different from the crowd. You can get few streaks of pink hair color done, if you don't want to completely cover your hair with pink. There are different ways to get pink color. But, before you do get pink, here are some dos and don'ts you need to take care of, before and after using pink hair dye.
Before You Go Pink
Here are some useful tips that you should use before using pink dye, and other after care tips that you need to follow for maintaining your hair color longer.
You Need to Bleach: No matter what shade of pink color you pick, the first thing you need to do is bleach your hair. Wondering why? If you want to get a bright shade of pink color on your hair, then you need to bleach it. Even people who have naturally blonde hair, find the dye results better if the hair is pre-bleached.
Hair bleaching will cause some damage to your natural hair, but don't worry the hair will grow back. Also, the temporary or permanent pink hair dye will help you to condition your hair, so the texture of your hair will be maintained fine.
Pick an Appropriate Color: Now, there isn't like a big range of pink shades available. Also, the shade of pink you see on the hair dye box, need not necessarily look same on your hair. However, it will be close. But, remember to bleach your hair before dyeing them. Manic Panic has the best pink color products.
They have shades like Cotton Candy, Pretty Flamingo, Hot Hot Pink and Fuschia Shock. The shade hot hot pink is one of the most popular shades used by people, while the shade Pretty Flamingo glows under black light! So, pick a right shade of pink which you like.
Coloring Hair at Home: The pink hair products are quite easy to use, you can just follow the instructions on the box to color your hair at home, so no need to go to a salon for hair coloring. However, make sure you are wearing disposable gloves while dyeing your hair, to protect the skin of the hand.
All you need to do is bleach your hair, wash the hair, then apply liberal portions of dye to your hair covering the hair sections properly, let the dye sit and then rinse it.
After Care Instructions: Protect your dyed hair from sun exposure, because some dyes actually are sensitive to UV radiation. Also, whenever washing your hair, the color is going to bleed so be careful while washing your hair. Use hair care products for colored hair like mild shampoo and conditioner. Also, your hands will turn pink if you are using a gel on your hair. Keep an old towel covering your shoulder and back while styling your hair.
Funky Pink Hair Dyeing Ideas
Here is a list of some funky cool hair coloring ideas, out of which you can pick an idea or mix and match these pink color hairstyles and create a totally new look.
  • Bright pink with a bright shade of orange looks amazing, and gives a grading effect. On the crown hair you can get both of these shades, with pink in the front half and orange in the back.
  • If you have black or dark hair, then get long few chunky hair highlights of pink in the front, leaving the rest of the hair black.
  • If you have medium or short hair, then cut your hair into a bob, and bleach your hair into a platinum blonde, and then dye your hair into a light shade of pink.
  • On long or medium long blonde hair, get a Cleopatra bangs, and cut the hair ends blunt. At the hair ends get a horizontal band of hot shade of pink, and same for the bangs.
  • Pink with a bright shade of purple looks great. Get your hair cut into layers, then color the upper front section of your hair including bangs, crown and side hair into pink, and rest of the back hair and bottom hair into purple.
Most of the pink dyes are temporary. If you like your pink dyed hair, then you will need to redo the dyeing after every 6 weeks, however, some people like the fading pink color too. So, keep re-dyeing your hair if you want again the brighter shade of pink, or maybe give another funky color like electric blue, green or yellow a try.