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Elegant Pin Up Hairstyles

Stephen Rampur
If you are wondering how to do pin up hairstyles for short, medium, or long hair; you simple need to use curling irons and other hair styling accessories.
Women certainly like to experiment with their hair, wearing voguish short and long haircuts. There are several different types of cuts that can be worn, be it on almost any kind of hair length and texture.
If you want to wear a unique hairdo and stand out from the crowd, you can choose from certain styles that were famous in the bygone days. And some good hairdos from the past decades are pin up hairstyles.
Wearing them can be considered stylish even in the 21st century fashion trends. The history of this cut dates back to as early as the 1940s and 1950s. These were the decades wherein the popularity of these hairdos reached the peak.
They were believed to be stylish, feminine, romantic, and sexy. This is why these hairdos were mostly worn by glamorous personalities from films.

Vital Information

As the name suggests, pin up hairstyles are those which are made using pins to style the hair in the manner you want. These hairdos are best known to build volume on your hair and hide any patches which have less hair.
Moreover, women can wear these hairdos for all types of occasions, where they especially need to take their hair away from their face. They are appropriate options for weddings, prom nights, formal or informal parties, and other occasions.
For styling these hairdos, you would be required to use a curling iron, pin curls, bobby pins, and similar types of hair accessories.

Different Types

A French twist is one of the best under these styles. For its styling, you will have to take the hair and make it into a low ponytail, fold it in the upward direction and lastly tuck it in the fold of hair on the sides, using a hairpin for securing it. There are many women celebrities who prefer this.
A bun is also a very good and rich pinned up style. You just need to take all the hair and set it at the back of the head with hairpins and other accessories.To give the hairdo a casual touch, you can wear a messy bun, which consists of messy hair strands falling out of the bun.
Other good ones are updos, wherein all or some of the hair is collected and set up on the crown. Updos are probably the best for black women.
If only some amount of hair is made into any updo, it is referred to as a half updo. A good way of enhancing the beauty of these haircuts is to include colorful hair accessories in the styling.
These are just a few examples. There are many others, like victory rolls, Bettie Page styles, peek-a-boo bangs, poodle cuts, etc.