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Pimple in Nose

Nicks J
Pimple in nose is an unlikely phenomenon and many times treatment is not essential. However, topical ointments are available to eliminate this bacterial infection.
Generally, pimples appear on the face, chest or the back. To be more precise, facial area is frequently troubled with this form of skin infection. Pimple in nose is a rarity, whereas pimple on nose is more common. However, when pimple inside the nostrils do occur, it is likely to stay for quite some time.
This is because, the area inside the nose is moist due to presence of mucus. The moistness inside the nose may worsen this infection, and hence prolong the healing time.
Pimple inside the nostrils is an uncomfortable feeling. Many times, touching the nose can cause pain. The pimple hurts and there is no question of putting the finger inside the nose.
Pimple inside the nostrils makes the affected side of the nose a bit heavier. Sneezing can be a cause of great discomfort when pimples occur inside the nose. In fact, the feeling of something inside the nose could actually trigger sneezing.
Too much drinking has a negative impact on healthy skin and can even aggravate existing skin problems such as rosacea. Skin becoming red and development of pimples on the facial area and even inside the nose are some of the most common side effects of binge drinking. Alcohol stimulates the dilation of blood vessels in the facial area.
No wonder, skin flushing is commonly observed in alcoholics. Apart from reddening of the face, skin damage in the form of acne breakouts is also visible in most hard drinkers.
This form of swelling inside the nostrils can be painful. Many people have the habit of frequently scratching the inner area of the nose with fingernails. In such cases, the bacteria in the fingernails gets transferred inside the nostrils and manifests in the form of pimple in nose.


Well, if the pimple was on the face, it would have been a lot easier to treat this infection. Considering the area where the pimple has occurred, taking treatment can be a tedious job. There are topical creams available to cure this infection. But the question is, how to apply these topical ointments. One simply cannot use fingers to apply these creams.
This could actually worsen the pain and cause further inflammation. A better option would be to clean the nostrils using warm water. This helps to get rid of dirt accumulated in the nostrils. After washing the inner area of the nose, application of ointment or cream with a cotton bud, is found to be effective.
These topical treatment options would certainly reduce the pain and itchiness associated with pimple in nose.
As acne is due to a bacterial infection, applying an antibiotic cream is often recommended. However, if the pimple is deep in the interior of the nose, one must consult a doctor before taking any self-treatment. A weeping pimple releasing yellow fluid inside the nose is indicating that the infection has aggravated and requires prescribed medical treatment at the earliest.

Popping the Pimple?

Popping or pricking the pimple using a sterilized needle should not be done, without consulting a doctor. This method of getting rid of pimple can be extremely painful. Some people have the habit of bursting the pimple right away, as soon as it occurs. Premature popping of pimple is likely to cause bleeding and damage the delicate skin inside the nose.
Also, the chances of secondary bacterial infection affecting inside of nose is higher in this method. The best option would be to allow the bacteria to run its course and eventually the pimple will subside.
On the whole, pimple in the nasal passages is not a cause for worry and often goes away without any treatment. It is not a serious skin problem like acne and usage of medications is generally not needed. In most cases, it is a mild skin infection and often does not require any visit to a doctor.