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Pimple in Ear

Nicks J
Pimple in ear has been quite an exaggerated issue in the recent past. However, many times, the pimple subsides without any medical treatment. To know more about ear ache remedies, read on...
Pimple in ear? Now, that's quite uncommon, isn't it? We have often heard of pimples occurring on face and the back. A pimple appears as an elevated part of the skin, however, is not restricted to the face, and can occur anywhere on the body. Appropriate treatment may be required if the pimple persists for quite some time and does not shrink on its own.
Also, pimple in ear does not necessarily mean that they will appear at the ear entrance. In some cases, a pimple is noticed deep inside the ear canal. On the whole, a small lump inside this delicate organ indicates a ear infection. Surprisingly, children are more prone to this type of infection than adults.
This is because children have the habit to use their fingernails to scratch the inside part of the ear. As the nails are not clean, there is a high probability of ear infection that usually manifests in the form of a pimple or a boil.
Formation of a pus filled pimple often causes sharp pain in ear, and even touching the ear can be quite distressing. It may take days for the pimple to subside, depending upon the severity of infection. The painful ear many times does not allow the person to concentrate on any assigned task properly.
Pain along with itchiness is commonly associated around the pimple area. The pimple usually turns red over time, that may lead to excruciating pain. It is observed that some people try to get rid of pimples by squeezing it. However, this practice actually worsens the infection, thus prolonging the recovery time.


There is no need to panic, even if one notices a ear pimple. In most cases, ear pimple is not a serious issue. Also, pimple behind the ear are common and not a cause of worry. This is one of the ear problems that usually appears as a minor infection and goes away on its own.
However, in order to detect a pimple formed deep into the ear canal, ENT specialists generally make use of an instrument known as otoscope. This helps them to clear identify whether there is any inflammation or pimple in ear canal. Following are the treatment options to eliminate this ear problem.
Acetaminophen is commonly prescribed to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with ear pimple. Basically, acetaminophen is a painkillers that is very effective to treat ear ache. One can also directly put Auralgan ear drops into the ear canal that is a source of pain. For minor ear pain, mineral oil can equally contribute in this regard.
In some cases, the pimple formed in the ear, may partially block the ear entrance. As a result, this may affect the person's hearing ability to a certain extent. In such a case, the doctor may prescribe a medicine or a cream to decrease the pimple size.
Many ask the question how to pop a pimple in the ear? Well, popping it by using a bobby pin solution is certainly not the solution to get rid of ear pimple. This can cause considerable harm to the ear.
Many people try to use a sterilized sewing needle to break the pimple. However, bursting the pimple forcibly with a needle can cause intolerable pain that may last for quite some time. The best approach is to leave the pimple as it is. Within a few days, the pimple will heal and burst on its own. Drinking plenty of water too can help people shrink the pimple in ear as early as possible.