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27 Piece Weave Hairstyles

Saptakee Sengupta
27 piece weave hairstyles are a popular way to sew weave. It's stylish and funky. Read on to know more details about this trend.
Weave hairstyles have become more popular especially with the introduction of different styles of extensions. Synthetic hair extensions definitely look stylish in weaved patterns. 27 piece weave hairstyles are very much in vogue amongst the female folk today.
However, one has to be well accustomed with the technique of sewing. The correct procedure to do so is presented here.


This style is ideally meant for curly hair. Curly hairdos with a 27 pattern is a perfect match for both long and short hair. We are sure you have come across Beyonce Knowles with a similar hairdo. Today, this has gained world wide popularity.
However, putting it in requires a lot of patience and practice. First, the weave pieces are to be glued to the head in a uniform manner, and then, the length and the bangs are customized. Follow the steps mentioned here to get a beautiful looking hairdo.

Material Required

  • Comb
  • Bonding glue
  • Glue remover
  • Holding gel
  • Hair clips
  • 27 piece weave
  • Shower cap
  • Scissors
  • Stocking cap

Sewing Procedure

Step 1: The mentioned stuff is a part of the extension kit. You can either buy a kit or procure each of them separately.
Step 2: The hair pieces are supposed to be arranged according to the length of the extensions, starting from short to long. This will help to you to pick up the strands quickly for pasting them on the stocking cap.
Step 3: The holding gel is now applied smoothly all over your hair so that the strands fall flat on the head. This eases the subsequent steps of attaching the weaves. The gel is usually applied in a wrapping motion through the hair.
Step 4: Cover your head with a shower cap so that your hair is protected from the glue added to the extensions. Now, wrap the stocking band over the shower cap for attaching the extensions.
Step 5: Separate the short hair extensions falling till the nape of your neck. In case the weave is longer than the nape, then you will have to cut it short according to the size of the nape.
Step 6: Add a little glue on the thread of the extension and paste it at the nape of the stocking cap. Follow the same technique with all the 27 pieces. Glue it in the form of rows one after another.
Step 7: Ensure that you place the pieces in a circular pattern maintaining uniform distance across the back of your head. This is best achieved by following a U-motion starting from the back of your head and moving to the sides.
Step 8: For the bangs, you will require the longer hair weaves. Glue them on the stocking cap that covers the frontal region of the head. Make them dense so that the bangs are thick and well designed.
Step 9: Cut the bangs with a scissor at an angle so that it can be swept on the side. Do this will all the extensions for a stylish effect or else let it hang loose.
Step 10: After creating the bangs, you need to attach the extensions to the crown your head. The process of attachment of the extensions to the stocking cap is similar.
Step 11: Finally, the shower cap is removed from the head to get the exact look of a 27 piece hairstyles. The stocking cap is secured in position. Comb your hair for the stylish effect.
Hope the procedure is now clear to you. You have to be very careful while moving your head and make sure you do not touch your hair frequently. For extra grip, knit pins into the hairstyle. Apart from this, there are many other forms of weave hairstyles.
Cornrows, waves, dreadlocks, Afro kinky, etc., are some other variations. The age-old African style has won the hearts of millions across the globe.
This hairstyle can be worn by women having any length of hair. Generally, they are enamored with hair clips for proper grip. You can even tie a ponytail. Such improvisations are known as sewn-in or glued-in extensions. Wrapping a bun is one style that's more popular among young adults and women of older age group.
It should be noted that a 27 piece weave hairstyle is best done by professionals. Attaching the circular pieces to get the correct shape is the main trick of this hairdo. If you are trying it for the first time, then get it done by a hair expert. Learn the technique properly and then give it a try yourself.