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Permed Hair Care

Pragya T

To maintain your permed hair, you need to care for it well. Here, are the various tips on hair care that will help you to maintain tangle-free, soft, and supple hair.
While perming your hair many strong chemicals are used to make your hair curly, permanently. People with thin or falling hair should avoid going for perming or any permanent hair treatments. Also, people with a sensitive scalp should avoid perming their hair. Because, the harsh chemicals used while perming can greatly harm your hair and your scalp and cause a lot of irritation.
But, if you have thick or good volume of hair and are looking for a permanent option of curling your hair, then perming is a good option. If you are thinking of getting curls or waves in your hair, then you can just use a curling hair mousse or sea salt spray on wet hair, and scrunch them to get curls in your hair.
However, compared to permed hair this kind of wavy/curly hair are easy to manage and less damaging to the hair and scalp.

Types of Perm

There are various perming techniques. Traditional perming involves use of rods which are placed horizontally to get the curly hair effect. You can also go for the body wave perm, which involves the use of curlers to create softer wave type of curls instead of tight curls. Spiral perm helps to get the ringlets or corkscrew-like curls.
Many women with long straight hair consider going for this kind of perm. Then there is root and spot perm where again rods are placed to achieve volume. So, select the appropriate type of perm and follow these hair care measures to maintain your perm.

Hair Care Tips

  • Frizz is a big problem when it comes to perms. To prevent your hair from becoming frizzy, maintain your hair in good condition before you go for permanent straightening/curling. You can go for hot oil treatments or use deep conditioning hair masks twice in a week.
  • Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Even better will be to use hair products made especially for treated hair. Make sure you use shampoo lightly on your hair and massage the scalp lightly, because excessive scrubbing can lead to early relaxation of the hair.
  • Use conditioners which are exclusively made for perms. Because permed hair has a varying porosity and ordinary conditioner might over or under condition your hair.
  • As the permed hair starts to grow out, use a volume spray at the roots and blow dry at the scalp to get the added lift.
  • After washing your hair, do not towel knot them. This can lead to added friction in the knot and damage the vulnerable wet hair. If you are in a rush and can't wait for the hair to dry naturally then use a blow dryer.
  • You can use a diffuser for drying the hair better. For a more relaxed style, you can remove the diffuser blow dry.
  • To make your hair even more manageable, use a mist with hair care products like a perm rejuvenator to add essential moisture and luster while defining the curl.
  • If your hair becomes frizzy then you can use an anti-frizz serum after you have washed your hair.
  • If you have colored hair or highlights in your permed hair, then you can avoid exposing them too much to the sun, so that the color holds for longer.
  • To separate out the hair tangles, apply a hair serum with your fingers and comb your hair gradually.
So, follow the above tips to maintain soft, moisturized, and tangle-free perms!