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Permanent Eyebrows

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Do you have thin eyebrows with sparse hair? You sure must be tired of defining them everyday with an eye pencil. Getting a permanent solution could be your option to get away from this everyday hassle. Read on to know more.
Faces with thin, sparse eyebrows appear expressionless. You may lose your eyebrows owing to number of reasons from diseases to injuries. Often, activities like swimming also contribute to thinning of eyebrows. In any case, permanent eyebrows can help you to correct this problem.
It is a cosmetic procedure covered under the term 'permanent makeup'. This makeup includes several cosmetic procedures which aim at improving the appearance of your facial features. They include permanent lip coloring and lip plumping, eyeliner, eyebrows etc. These procedures implement the techniques of tattooing to enhance the color and appearance of the concerned feature.


It can be implemented in two ways. The first and most common method includes cosmetic tattooing. In this procedure, the tattoo technician applies anesthetic gel over the eyebrow region to numb the pain. The technician then uses a vibrating needle in order to deposit color in the second layer of your skin.

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You may not experience sharp pain during the procedure but a stinging sensation is considered normal. After the procedure, you will notice that the area near the eyebrow is red and swollen. You may have to go for cold compresses to reduce the pain and swelling. The technician may also prescribe you some ointments as a part of the aftercare.
Another procedure, which is comparatively new, is called eyebrow embroidery. This is a quick and relatively painless method. The tattoo technician deposits color only in the first layer of the skin. This provides scope for designing natural-looking eyebrows with a feathering effect.
The only flip side to this procedure is that it does not produce lasting results. Consequently, you will have to show up frequently for touch ups. This may eventually increase the cost of the procedure. Hence, gauge your options carefully before going for any of the above mentioned methods.

What to Expect

Your eyebrows will take at least 5 days to heal completely. The color will look more pronounced during the first couple of weeks after the procedure. After that, the top layer will begin to exfoliate, thus revealing reveal softer and more natural-looking eyebrows.
The desired results can take minimum 2-3 weeks to surface. Depending upon the extent of correction performed, you can get thick and perfectly shaped eyebrows. The results depend extensively upon the expertise and skill of the makeup artist. Mismatched, asymmetrical results are very difficult to correct and you may have to carry them for a long time to come.
It is very important to find a reputed and expert technician. Visit a potential makeup artist and assess his work by going through several samples of 'before' and 'after' photographs of his previous clients.
A good technician will not only perform the procedure correctly, but will also be able to enhance your appearance by recommending suitable shape, color, and thickness by assessing your complexion and bone structure.
Minor faults can be corrected during the time of touch ups. You may change the appearance of your eyebrows over time, by going for the procedure once again.
Its cost is a bit on the higher end, considering the long-lasting results offered by the procedure. However, it is likely to vary according to the location of the salon, and expertise of the technician. Expect to pay more for a high-end salon with a renowned artist.
Permanent eyebrows could be your answer to thin, almost invisible ones. However, just like any other cosmetic procedure the results of this procedure also begin to fade within 8-10 years.