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7 Elegant Perm Hairstyles You Should Try

Mamta Mule
Who doesn't fancy a head full of curls? From loose curls to spiral curls, there are a myriad of perm trends that will add pizazz to your tresses and help them transform from lackadaisical to simply fabulous. Here, we present to you 7 trendy perm hairstyles.
"My most noticeable physical trait is, hands down, my hair. It's big, unruly and curly, and you can spot it from a mile away... literally."
― Becca Fitzpatrick
Your passage to the perfect perm glory lies in seamlessly stylish, voluminous, and sumptuously textured hair. Perms, let's say, have transmuted from the frumpy, fuzzy explosion to graceful and absolutely beautiful.
So, if of late you have been whining about your hair's lackluster woes, then we reckon it's time for you to roll up your sleeves, and make a beeline for your stylist.
Uh-uh, but before you hand your precious mop of hair to your stylist, make sure you are weighing everything right from the flip sides to the maintenance to checking whether your hair is in fine fettle to undergo perm treatment or not (things can go pear shaped if you perm damaged or unhealthy hair) and et al.
Only when you have ticked all the right boxes can you think of getting that perm look you have been gagging to get for your hair and that too after sifting through the following selection of perm hairstyles.

Spiral Perm

A spiral perm is what will gain you look a la Taylor Swift. This chic and uber hot perm trend is ubiquitous; you can see that it is almost verging on the classical status of hairstyles.
If you desire to sport this perm style, then make sure you have long and healthy hair to do so, just like you can't make a silk purse out of sow's ear, you can't do spiral perm on fragile and unhealthy hair. Secondly, spiral perming can shorten your hair length a bit, so ask your stylist before taking the plunge.

Body Perm

If you are after bounce, volume, and movement, then you can definitely galumph with joy, because body perm will get you exactly what you are looking for your hair.
This type of perm is totally apt for women who want to augment volume and texture to their hair. This is one of the best magical tricks that works wonderfully on thin and flat hair.

Loose Wave Perm

Inspired from the classic beach wave curls, loose wave perm is a befitting option for all those ladies who are big aficionados of deliciously wavy and super curly locks.
What's the best thing with this trendy perm wonder? It looks just pretty on any hair length! Loose wave perm will cinch your gorgeously wavy-head look, but before that, make sure your hairstylist is armed with large perm rods and digs what you want.

Stacked Perm

Following suit is yet another perm ploy―stacked perm. This look is specifically tailored for those with uniform hair length.
If the dramatic look of spiral perm is not what you are looking for, then stacked perm will serve you just right, for it will create the semblance of volume and texture. Stacked perm will leave the hair on the top just like they are and will focus more toward the end of your hair to give you that naturally layered look (whether tight or loose curled).

Spot Curl Perm

Well, not every woman is luxuriate with hair, but that doesn't mean we can't create the illusion of the same; spot curl perm is exactly the trick.
This is one section-specific perm hairstyle that will allow you to curl only those areas that you want to add body to or want to give a lift. Whether you want to curl only your midsection or only your top, this perm trend will get you all sorted.

Volumizing Perm

Well, this perm trend is more of a 'duh-uh' thing, and we are offering no 64 million dollar check to guess what volumizing perm is.
But, the look that your hair will have gained with this perm trend would be truly priceless! Volumizing perm will give a boost to the volume of your hair, regardless of the length of your hair.

Partial Perm

We will give you a royal cue for this, quite literally. Think Kate Middleton and you will get the image of that perfectly classy and effortlessly stylish perm hairstyle under discussion. Partial perm, as the name suggests, is perming only half part of your hair, yes the lower section (we are talking in words of single syllable, mercy please ;).
Partial perm will leave the upper part of your hair straight or in its natural texture and curl the hair toward the end. So, if you are looking for something manageable and easy (good especially if you want to gather your hair into a pony tail), then partial perm is unequivocally your thing.
Let us tell you that permed hair needs extra care. So, it is requisite for you to consult your hairstylist for the perfect hair care routine. Following the same regularly is very essential to keep your chemically treated hair in a good condition.
Hair spa, oiling, conditioning, and moisturizing your locks regularly is essential to avoid dryness and breakage after the perming process. So what are you waiting for? Get set to follow the latest hair fashion trends by perming your locks into one of the pretty perm styles!