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How to Buy a Good Perfume

Loveleena Rajeev
A perfume does much more than just make the person wearing it smell good. It adds to their style and becomes a part of their personality. Buying one has always been considered an art, and it needs to be cultivated and practiced. The following passages guide you on how to buy a good perfume.
Perfumes have been in use since the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian period. Over the years, its method of preparation has undergone a sea change from the hand-made distilleries to the modern perfume houses of Europe. What has not changed is its essence and way of application.

Things to Consider When Buying a Perfume

Before buying one, it is important to understand what a perfume can do for you. It can either attract, or act as an irritant to others. Select a fragrance that will complement your natural scent. It should be subtle enough to envelop you in its fragrance, yet not intimidate by being loud.
Before heading to the perfume store, decide on a budget. The simple fact here is, the better the quality, the more expensive it is. Avoid wearing any scent or deodorant on the day you plan to pick a new fragrance.
Most perfumers advise against eating and drinking anything that has a strong flavor and taste, as it would interfere with the fragrance. The best way to cleanse your smell senses is to sniff strong coffee beans half an hour prior to your purchase.
One needs to decide the occasion for wearing the perfume. Whether one wants to wear it in the day or night or for any specific celebration. Following are a few tips one can keep in mind before choosing the right one.
➻ As a rule, always try it before you buy it
➻ If you are planning to select a new fragrance, limit to trying three options, because after a while our sense of smell gets confused and can't differentiate between them.
➻ Never try out on someone else, as the same scent will smell different on different people.
➻ Dab on the inner side of the wrist or below the ear lobes. Remember to never spray it.
➻ Some people prefer dabbing a couple of fragrances on skin areas located far apart from one another.
➻ Wait for ten minutes, as the fragrance needs time to emit after reacting with your skin.
➻ It is advisable to leave the fragrance section for a while.
➻ When it is dabbed, the first whiff is known as beginning notes and is the first smell to evaporate. The middle notes will last for a couple of hours, and finally the base notes will emerge in a few hours. They are the undertones that keep changing and blending with the environment around us.
➻ After a ten minute wait, hold your wrist close to the nose, and the first fragrant whiff you catch is how the perfume would smell on you after reacting with the skin.
➻ Once you have narrowed down, it is also important to check for allergy causing components. Any rash, mild irritation, or sneezing are indicators of unsuitability.
After buying it, one must make the most of it. Here are a few tips on how to wear and take care of the perfume

➻ It need to be applied at least twice in a day if you intend to wear it for the full day.
➻ Wear different fragrances to suit your mood.
➻ Never expose it to extreme temperatures and sunlight, as they disturb its delicate chemical balance.
➻ One must store it in a cool, dark place to keep the fragrance intact.
➻ Its bottles should not be kept opened for a long period, as it will react with the outside air leading to an alteration in its smell balance.
So, there are a huge variety of fragrances available to choose from. Designer ones are a good choice but come with an expensive tag. Choosing the right one takes time, patience, and also many trails. However, the end result would be buying a perfume that is 'YOU'.