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Remedies for a Peeling Sunburned Face

Pragya T
So, you spent your holiday on the beach, because you wanted to get a nice tan to show off to your friends, but instead got a peeling sunburned face due to overexposure to the sun. Do you want to know how to get rid of it? Read on...
Everybody loves to hang out at sunny beaches, but one has to take precautions against the skin damage that can be caused by the sun and carry so many things like lotions, creams, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, and what not!
Even after the use of such protective gear, several people still suffer from peeling sunburnt skin problem, when over exposed to sun. If you are wondering how to get rid of a peeling sunburned face, which makes you look jocular then use the given remedies.

Remedies for Sunburn

Rubbing Tomato or Potato

Slice a tomato into 4 parts, rub the tomato skin on the sunburnt skin for a minute, and leave it for 5 minutes. Then wash the skin with water. Repeat this twice a day. To avoid making a mess, use this remedy in the bathroom before bathing.
Use potato juice instead of the tomatoes, if you want a remedy that does not drip all over your hands. Using potato and tomato also helps reduce the tan on your skin. Tomato contains citric acid and can cause burning sensation on skin. So, do a small patch test on your skin using tomato, if it causes burning on your skin then avoid using tomato.

Aloe for Peeling Sunburn Treatment

Aloe Vera is excellent for relief from pain and inflammation. Take fresh leaves of aloe and cut them lengthwise. Gently rub the fleshy part of the leaf on the sunburnt skin. Aloe will help in soothing and prevent the skin from peeling. If you are suffering from extreme sunburn, apply aloe juice to your face and keep it on for the whole day.

Calamine Lotion

Calamine lotion is available over-the-counter. It is a thick, pink lotion that can be used for many skin problems. You can apply a bit of calamine lotion over the irritated sunburned skin to soothe it. However, this lotion can cause drying of skin so use it in small amounts.

Cool Milk

Soak a cotton ball in cool milk and dab it on the face. Keep it on for ten minutes and wash your face with water. Milk helps to soothe the skin and helps create a protective protein film which prevents discomfort. You can use this remedy twice in a day.

Other Remedies

Given were the most effective treatment for sunburn. Here are some more remedies which you can try. If you experience peeling sunburn skin on your lips, apply butter 3 times a day till your lips become softer. Mix 1 part of tea tree oil with 10 parts of baby oil or olive oil and dab on the sunburnt skin.
This will prevent the skin from peeling and itching. You can also try oatmeal bath for sunburn, which is a good cure. You can buy a good hydrocortisone cream, which helps in preventing peeling, drying, and irritation of the skin. Use the cream according to the instructions mentioned on the label.

Useful Tips

Here are some useful tips for healing peeling sunburn skin faster and preventing sunburns.

● Do not use any type of vinegar on your skin, as vinegars are acidic and might further increase the itching and peeling of sunburn skin.
● You can also use cucumber slices for peeling sunburn relief. Also, drink plenty of water at the beach to prevent a heat stroke.
● Do not scrub with a loofah, instead use a cotton cloth to remove the peeling skin.
● Most important of all stay away from the sun, when suffering from peeling skin from sunburn.
● Use gentle soaps and avoid using any strong soaps.
● Do not pick the peeling skin, as this might further lead to peeling and itching of the skin.
● Use lukewarm water and avoid hot water for bathing. You can also try having cold water baths, but make sure the water is not ice cold! Alternatively, you can use cool compresses for 10 minutes two times a day. This will help to soothe the sunburnt skin.
Use the given remedies and tips for sunburnt face, and you will surely get rid of the peeling skin that has been agonizing you. The next time you intend to sunbathe, use a good suntan lotion to prevent yourself from sunburn.