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Patterns of Hair Loss

Prerna Salla
The reasons for hair loss have been many, and although there has been extensive research on the subject, it's difficult to point out a particular reason as to why most men and women suffer from it.
While the male receding hairline is popular, there are few who can recognize female baldness too. There has been a definite rise in number of women suffering from hair loss. Because of the difference in lifestyles, baldness in women is not always observed; this may be due to their hairstyles.
Although they don't have a definite receding hairline, thinning of hair is prominent. Generally, it has been observed that this happens in the crown area, and above the forehead.

Types of Hair Loss

Hair loss patterns in women are quite different from the typical receding hairline loss in men. It's often that the crown area is noticed whereas the top and sides of the head get affected in most cases. With the onset of Menopause and during pregnancy, you'll find women complaining that they fear going bald. Although it may be frightening, it's assumed to be normal because of the hormonal imbalances during these phases.
There are many therapies and many doctrines that help you get your hair back in place. These may range from hair replacement therapies to hair weaving methods. There might be regrowth for a small number of women, but one can really never say why this occurs as in some cases.

Hair Loss Facts

There are several reasons for hair loss. Some of them are listed below:

* Although there are several reasons for hair loss, it's also known (although in rare cases) that these occur because of the appropriate chromosomes.
* Dryness or severe dandruff.

* Using a strong shampoo.

* Backcombing or styles that allow the hair to look great, but it becomes difficult to undo these hairstyles, leading to hair breakage.
* Applying too much henna. Generally, henna is great for coloring purposes, but few women realize that henna tends to dry your scalp. Application of henna without mixing a few oils and nutrients can weaken your hair from the roots.
* Some people even go to the extent of having seasonal styles that involve a lot of coloring of the hair. Generally, models face this problem a lot. Most of the time, they tend to be under the spotlight and constant spraying of hair sprays literally ruins their hair.
* If you thought tying your hair tightly before you go to sleep can help your hair grow well, then I must say that you thought wrong. A loose plait if you have long hair can help the hair roots breathe.
* Brush your hair lightly to facilitate blood circulation, but don't overdo it. Brushing of hair is only for giving you a good night's sleep and nothing else. There are many people I know who only comb their hair in the night.
As far as possible, avoid this. Comb your hair as gently as possible, and try removing tangles with your fingers instead of vigorous brushing.