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Paraffin Wax Bath

Paraffin wax bath therapy alleviates the pain, thereby bringing relief to aching hands, feet, or elbow.
Priya Johnson
Paraffin wax bath therapy is a heat treatment that heats up small joints of hands and feet reduceing joint pain. It uses soft, pliable and non-greasy wax infused with oil. Nowadays, companies have come up with paraffin wax with various fragrances, thereby adding the aromatherapy effect to it.
There are two kinds of baths available―a smaller one for the hands and larger ones for the hands and legs. The outer shell of the apparatus is made from flame-retardant plastic, which remains cool to touch when in use.

Paraffin Wax Bath Benefits

For Arthritis

Paraffin wax bath treatment can be easily carried out at home and is one of the best ways to soothe minor aches and pains. This is why physiotherapists, arthritis specialists, etc., have been recommending this bath for arthritis pain relief since 1962. The paraffin wax bath will heat the tissues and muscles and will bring relief from the pain.

For Joint Pain

The therapy is also recommended for those suffering from sprains, joint stiffness, and strains. This therapy removes excess fluid from the surrounding tissue around the joint reduces pain and stiffness around it.
Also, people with other joint pain problems like tennis elbow, tendentious, bursitis, and other issues like fatigued muscles, scarred tissues, etc., can also benefit from this therapy. Pain contracted from sports injuries can also be alleviated by this paraffin bath.

For the Skin

Paraffin wax bath is also good because apart from relieving pain by heating the tissues of the muscles, it also leaves the skin hydrated and soft. It increases blood circulation in the skin and help attenuate skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dry, cracked skin. This bath is also used in salon manicures, pedicures, and paraffin facials.

Instructions and Working

Commercially available paraffin wax baths resemble a small tub that can easily accommodate the hand, elbow, or foot. These baths are referred to as natural pain relief measures, due to their drug-free nature.
The apparatus is a container that holds paraffin wax, absorbs and retains heat. One has to place a block of wax in the container and wait till it melts. The wax may take about 6 - 12 hours to melt, after which you can submerge your hand, elbow or leg. Follow the maker's instructions regarding temperature of the bath, etc., lest you want to scald your hand.
As you submerge your aching leg, hand, or elbow into the molten wax, a wax coating is developed on the immersed region. It is better to dip the affected area three to four times, as it will ensure the affected area gets covered properly.
On cooling, the wax forms a warm envelope around the affected area and the heat from the wax transfers to the aching joint. Keep your hands steady, so as to not break the wax seal. Wrap your hand with a towel to increase insulation. Leave the wax on for around 20 minutes, after which you need to peel off the wax.
The heat transferred improves blood circulation in the aching area, reduces inflammation, and relaxes the tight muscles, thereby bringing relief. Moreover, the paraffin wax is mixed with oil, which penetrates into the skin and softens it. Once you are done, you need to strain the molten wax with gauze and store it in its container for future use.
Never apply paraffin wax on open cuts and sores. Moreover, maintain caution while handling the bath. You can use this before working out to loosen stiff joints, allowing you to exercise more easily. If you are suffering from dry winter skin, you can use it to soothe your skin.
Disclaimer: Information here is for factual purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.