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Pageant Hairstyles for Short Hair

Kritika Parwani
In any pageant, it is very important to look our absolute best, and a hairstyle can make a direct impact on the way we look. While long hairstyles have been a staple in pageants, short hair can make you stand out.
For any contestant taking part in beauty contest, her hair is her crowning glory. Usually, most girls participating in a pageant have long hair, but now, times are changing. Though most people believe that only long hairstyles look feminine and versatile, it is not so, as even short ones look great, and definitely have an edge over the others.
Women with short hairstyles aren't afraid to be unique, and don't believe in playing it safe. There are tons of pageant hairstyles for short hair, which look classy and glamorous.
In a pageant, each of us wants to look our best. So, besides choosing the right dress, shoes, and accessories, it is crucial to have a great hairstyle. Whatever style you choose for your hair, has a direct impact on your look. The right haircut ideas can accentuate your features and help you achieve a particular look.
Selecting one much before the pageant is of utmost importance, as experimenting with a look on the final night can result in a disaster. So, it's best that you select one of the best short styles that suits you, and practice it so that you do not have any problem on the D-day.


Slicked Look

A sexy, Slicked Look: is a perfect idea for short hair. The best part is, that it is extremely easy to do, and does not require a lot of hair care.
Start by wetting your hair, and then towel dry it. Then, while it is still damp, brush it in the desired style. The style depends on what suits you, for example, you can part it in the middle, part it in the side, create a zigzag parting, or even style it all the way back without a parting.
After that, rub a handful of mousse on your palms, and apply it on your hair carefully. Make sure you smooth the mousse on every strand of your hair to get that perfect slicked look. This also looks great for medium hair.

Wavy Bob

A bob is usually considered a very popular hairdo for short hair, especially for round faces. If you have a bob cut, and think that you cannot do anything to style it, it is not so, as a bob can also be styled to look great.
A wavy bob is one of the most popular hairdos, and can be an ideal hairstyle for pageants, especially for curly hair. For creating this look, all you need is a curling iron and mousse. But, before you start, be sure to know how to curl hair with a curling iron. After you wash and condition your hair, towel dry it; and while it is still damp, apply mousse.
To make it easier, separate your hair into sections. Take an inch of hair, and put it in the curling iron. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds, and then release. Continue this step all around your head. Use hairspray to make sure that the style stays for the entire night.

Low Bun

If you have short hair, but which is long enough to be pulled into a low ponytail, then one of the other options is a low bun. This is perfect if you have short hair, but still want a sophisticated updo hairstyle.
To create this look, start by straightening your hair using a hair straightener. Start by brushing your hair and creating a side parting. Once you have made the parting, take your hair, and secure it into a ponytail with a rubber band.
Twist the hair around the ponytail, and secure with bobby pins. Make sure that the hair does not look frizzy. Apply mousse or hairspray for the hairdo to stay. You can use different hair accessories to complete the look.
When it comes to selecting beauty pageant hairstyles for little girls, it is best if you let them accentuate their natural beauty, and choose styles that are not over the top; as not only will it look too much, but it will also be very uncomfortable. Also, for girls, it's crucial to make sure that the hairstyles remain for the entire night.
So, if you feel that you have straight hair, and the waves won't stay for the entire night, then do not opt for the wavy look. But the most important consideration is that the hairdo should reflect their personality and style. So, go ahead and select a style that will highlight your femininity and beauty!