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Pageant Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Mubasherin Sayed
Curly hair looks beautiful specially when you put your hair in a bun, with a few strands loose. The following information tells you about some elegant hairstyles that you can wear if you plan to enter a beauty pageant.
Curly hair is considered to be the best option when it comes to hairstyling, specially for a beauty pageant. You can experiment with this type of hair and create fascinating hairstyles. Pageant hairstyles demand elegance and beauty.
When it comes to curly hair, the options become more varied. You can really customize your look and play up with your ringlets. Decorating your hair with unique accessories can make a simple hairstyle look glamorous. However, loose ringlets are always preferred to tight curls.
Grecian Updo: This traditional hair style is so popular that it is still one of the most preferred hairstyle used in beauty pageants.
To make this hairstyle, take your hair up and twist it loosely. Put bobby pins to hold it in place. You can decorate your hair by tying two ribbons around it. This hairstyle gives you a sophisticated and feminine look.
Romantic Updo: This is one updo which look better on loose ringlets rather than tight curls.
For this, comb your hair and part them into small sections. Pull each section of hair towards your crown and secure it there with bobby pins leaving the remaining curls flowing downwards for a cascading effect. After this, set the hair with a loose hold spray to have a neat look for a long period of time. Decorate with hair accessories and butterfly pins.
French Braiding: Many girls are fond of tying their hair in a French plait. It gives them a feminine and pleasant look.
Divide the front section of your hair equally and braid them. Secure them behind using bobby pins. Then make a neat French plait. Decorate the braided hair with small butterfly or studded hair accessories. You can tie your French plait with a ribbon. This is the cutest hairstyle as it gives you an innocent, yet elegant look.
Remember to secure your hair properly with bands or bobby pins during the event, so that your hairstyle does not open out. Use a good quality hairspray to keep your hair in place, and be confident in whatever hairstyle you choose.