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Hairstyles for Men and Women Over 40

Rimlee Bhuyan
Looking for over 40 hairstyles that are modern and elegant? Let's find information regarding hairstyles for mature men and women.
As a woman enters her middle age, it is time for her to get a hairstyle that suits her age. As we age, some changes in facial structure, including thinning of hair, and aging of skin happens. In order to look your best, your hairdo should be such that all these problems are concealed.
Many women in their 40s still retain hairstyle from their college days. This is a strict no no, since fashion changes and you should try out the one that is suitable for your age as well as profession. A low maintenance hairdo that makes you look younger is what one should look for.

For Women

One of the best styles for women over 40 with short hair is the graduated bob haircut. It is ideal for mature women, as it gives the face a slimmer look and the hair get a lot of body and movement. Unlike long hair that tend to become strangely and limp, shorter ones are easy to maintain and care for. This style is well suited for people with wavy hair. 

Graduated Bob Haircut

To get it, ask your stylist to give you a haircut that skims the cheeks at the front, with the haircut a little shorter at the back. A bit of layering in the crown area will help to give this graduated bob haircut, more volume with a fuller look. For its upkeep, you need to use a volumizing shampoo and a conditioner and blow dry hair straight.

Bob Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Pixie Dust Hairstyle

Layered Haircut for medium Hair

Wedge Hairstyle

Blonde in Bob Hairstyle

For mid length hair, there is nothing to beat the layered haircut with bangs. Women with shoulder length hair should go for it, because the layers give body and volume to thinning hair, and the choppy bangs throw attention from crow's feet and fine lines. It can also look great on women with round faces. 

Layered Haircut with Bangs

To get this hairdo, just wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and anti-frizz conditioner. The anti-frizz conditioner will get rid of any static and will help to tame frizz.
Next blow dry hair straight and then do the same to your bangs. Slightly pull the bangs to one side to give them a side swept and choppy look. It is to be noted that, one should not go for long hairstyle as it highlights the wrinkles on the face.

For Men

If you wore your hair long, streaked, or straightened in your college days, now is the time to change. You need something that is restrained, neat, and sophisticated. One of the best do for men over 40 is the taper cut. 
For this, you need to ask your stylist to cut your hair a little shorter at the back and sides, with the crown a bit longer. A side part or a tousled look goes well with this do. The hair at the back should be cut tapered. It can be styled well with some hair gel.

Spiky Hairstyle

Middle Partition for Curly Hair

Classic Taper Haircut

Back and Side Swept Hair

Regular haircut

If you have thin hair with a receding hairline, then a hairstyle that is full at the sides and the crown, and closely contoured at the back looks very nice. Remember to use minimum hair products so as not to have product buildup that will lead to hair loss.
A hairstyle should be chosen, keeping in mind your lifestyle, age, and profession. With the right do, you can subtract years off your real age.