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Repairing Over Processed Hair

Puja Lalwani
You shampooed, styled, colored, straightened, curled, blow dried, and did everything to your hair. Now you have over processed hair that looks damaged, dull, and lifeless. Fear not, you can still bring it back to its original state by following some very simple hair care tips.
Over processed hair is exactly like it sounds; hair that has been damaged by excessive heating (blow drying, straightening, curling) or by excessive coloring and bleaching. Simply put, people who have paid way too much attention to their hair and 'treated' it in various manners to get that perfect look, are the ones who have probably landed up damaging them. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to restore your crowning glory, and save it from further damage.

Restoring the Natural Shine of Your Hair

Because of all that it has been through, your hair has split ends, looks dull and weak, and falls out easily. Since it has been so battered and bruised continuously, it's now time to nurture it, and restore it to its original texture and quality. Take a look at some very important tips you should follow when trying to repair it.
Start with the basics by taking a break from all the styling and coloring procedures your hair has been undergoing all this while. No blow drying, straightening, coloring, curling, or styling, till you bring it back to its original state.
  • If you have split ends, go for a trim to get rid of all of them. This is an important start and will help you get back on track quicker.
  • Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment as often as possible. You don't have to go to a salon, but just try the simple hot oil treatment. 
Massage your scalp thoroughly with some warm coconut oil every night before you wash your hair. This will strengthen it and over time you will see the shine return to it. There are also numerous other oils, such as olive oil and almond oil, that you may use for deep conditioning.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner designed to treat damaged hair. However, ensure that you dilute the shampoo before you use it. Further, when you wash your head, ensure that you use only lukewarm water. This is a very important tip for dry hair care. Do not use hot water as it causes damage to the cuticles, weakens them, and results in hairfall.
  • Don't brush your hair too often in a day. While you may have heard that 100 brush strokes a day gives your hair a natural gloss and shine (a common myth), when it is so weak, giving it those 100 strokes may result in a lot of loss.
Comb with a wide-toothed comb only twice a day (once in the morning and once before sleeping), and keep it tied with a cotton scrunchy to avoid any further breakage or damage. Also, never brush your hair when it is wet, it will only break more easily.
  • Keep your hair covered when out in the sun, or when traveling on a motorcycle or an open air car or bus. Exposure to heavy sunlight or strong breeze also weakens it, and the best treatment would be to keep it covered at all times when outside.
Leave-in conditioners are good care products used to keep the hair under control, but if you don't want to use more heavy chemicals, use a natural alternative instead. Take a few drops of olive oil, rub them on your hands, and rub your hands all over and through your hair.
This will keep it in place, and protect it from any harshness that it may be exposed to.
  • Damaged hair requires regular trimming every 4-6 weeks to avoid the development of any split ends.
  • Again, those of you looking for a more intense treatment, try out this pack. Mix together an egg yolk and a tablespoon of plain yogurt, and apply it to the hair. Let it remain for about an hour, before you wash it off with your shampoo. Try this method at least twice a week for best results.
With these simple tips, you will be able to bring back the natural shine and texture. Once it has been restored, remember to go for those styling options only once in a while.
It may look good when your hair has been styled like your favorite Hollywood star, but remember, you don't have 10 hairdressers running behind you all the time to make sure your natural hair is fine, in spite of, undergoing so many styling procedures.
You are your own hair care expert, and you know what you can do to treat over processed hair. Keep it simple, keep it moderate, and you are good to go.