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Olive Oil to Stop Hair Loss

Aastha Dogra
Regular application of olive oil is known to be very beneficial to the hair, and massages of the same can help achieve hair growth and prevent hair loss. Read this story to know more about the advantages of this oil in curbing hair loss.
It is widely believed that on an average, a person loses close to one hundred strands of hair daily. However, excessive hair loss is experienced by quite a significant number of people today.
There are a number of reasons behind this, such as the natural aging process, pollution, stress, hair-care products with harmful chemicals, dandruff, allergies, skin infections, etc.
Unfortunately, this can make a person very conscious, leading him to search for various medical treatments as well as alternative and natural remedies to curb the problem. One famous natural remedy of minimizing hair fall is the regular application of olive oil.


Antibacterial Nature

Olive oil contains antibacterial properties and is full of antioxidants which are well-known to impede the aging process of the body. Because of its antibacterial and antifungal nature, hair loss which has taken place due to the application of hair products with strong chemicals, can be reversed and effectively treated.
One of the major causes of hair loss is the regular usage of hair dyes and conditioners with strong and harsh chemicals which may weaken the roots of your hair with allergic reactions on the scalp.
The antifungal nature of the oil helps minimize this damage, thereby restoring the scalp to its former healthy self. Hair fall caused due to skin infections can be treated with regular use of this oil.

Prevents Formation of DHT

The DHT hormone, also known as Dihydrotestosterone, has a very detrimental effect on the scalp. The formation of DHT can decrease the size of the hair follicle, thus dramatically thinning the hair coming out of the follicle.
Regular massages of olive oil prevent DHT from forming on the hair shaft, and ultimately curbing the hair fall caused due to this hormone. We can safely assume that olive oil and hair loss prevention go hand in hand.

Rich in Nutrients

This oil is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin E, Niacin, Vitamin D, and Biotin, all of which are extremely advantageous for hair growth. During the application of the said oil on the scalp, these nutrients are absorbed quickly by the roots of the hair, thus promoting growth and preventing loss of hair.

How to Use Olive Oil for the Hair?

This step-by-step procedure is very easy, effective, and can be undertaken at home.

Step 1

Mix two tablespoons of olive oil (extra virgin recommended) with one tablespoon of coconut oil in a bowl.

Step 2

Take a small amount of this mixture in your palm and with your fingertips, apply it to your scalp and hair.

Step 3

Massage your hair lightly, without pulling it as that might actually increase the amount of hair which you're losing. Continue for about fifteen minutes.

Step 4

Post the massage, take a shower cap and cover your head with it. Leave the oil on overnight, or for a minimum time of four hours. This helps in better absorption of the oil by the scalp and hair.

Step 5

In the morning, wash your hair with a mild or medicated shampoo. People suffering from hair loss should always dilute the shampoo with water before applying it on the hair and scalp, rather than doing so directly. All shampoos contain chemicals which can weaken the hair roots after coming in direct contact with the scalp, aggravating the hair loss.
As we have seen, it is very easy as well as useful to use this kind of oil for treating hair fall. Moreover, maintaining a healthy diet will help support the aforementioned remedy. However, if the hair fall is too much to control, it's extremely important to consult a doctor immediately and ascertain the exact reason behind it.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.