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Olive Leaf Extract for Acne

Sonia Nair
With its strong antibacterial property, olive leaf extract is said to be effective in fighting acne. Go through this story for more information about the use of this extract.
Acne and acne scars are common skin problems, especially for teenagers. Apart from being an embarrassing condition, acne may also lead to scarring and pigmentation of the skin. There are various natural remedies for acne. Olive leaf extract is one such acne remedy, which is said to be effective in tackling this skin condition.

Olive Leaf Extract for Skin Care

It is believed that the ancient Greeks identified the therapeutic properties of olive leaves. They used these leaves for treating various medical conditions, including skin problems. Olive leaf tea was used for relief from cough, cold, and sore throat. Skin problems, like rashes, warts, and boils were treated with poultices made from olive leaves.
Nowadays, olive leaf extract is used for various medicinal purposes. Studies show that this extract contains high levels of antioxidants, and also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It is also known for its anti-aging and skin softening properties.
It is very popular as a natural remedy for acne. This extract is available in many forms, like dried leaf tea, powder, concentrate, or capsule. This product is used both internally and externally.

Acne Relief

The use of olive leaf extract for acne is mainly based on its antibacterial properties. Some people consume olive leaf tea, along with topical application of this extract. As the herbal tea makes the body healthy, the leaf extract acts on the skin, and fights bacteria and other microorganisms.
The antibacterial action of the extract is said to be very powerful, as some of the active ingredients in it can interfere with the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. It is also said that olive leaf extract ingredients are effective in killing acne-causing bacteria, by damaging their outer lining.
The natural flavonoids in this product make it difficult for microorganisms to thrive. The anti-inflammatory property of the extract is beneficial in preventing swelling and other symptoms associated with acne.
Though some of the users vouch for the efficacy of olive leaf extract for acne, it is not scientifically proven. If you are interested in taking it orally, it will be better to seek the opinion of your physician. Consult a qualified herbal practitioner, and follow his instructions regarding use of olive leaf extract for acne.
Some of the users may develop side effects, like low blood pressure and glucose levels. Interactions with some prescription drugs cannot be ruled out. Pregnant woman and people with bleeding disorders, must avoid use of this extract.
In short, the use of olive leaf extract for acne may prove beneficial for some. However, in case of any side effect, discontinue its use.
Disclaimer: This story is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert advice.