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Old Hollywood Hairstyles

Rimlee Bhuyan
Old Hollywood hairstyles have made a comeback and you can see most stars wearing them on the red carpet. Read on to recreate the same style at home.
Old Hollywood hairstyles were all about glamor and drama. The big stars of the 40s and 50s all had distinct hairstyles that made them truly iconic. Who can forget the glamorous hairstyles worn by the leading ladies of Hollywood like Audrey Hepburn, Veronica Lake and Elizabeth Taylor.
Even today, these styles are hot and sophisticated and many young stars like Eva Mendes and Drew Barrymore have tried recreating these hairstyles. Recreating these 1940s and 1950s hairstyles are not that hard and they make an excellent style statement for those times when you need to make an impact.
Here we will guide you on how to do old Hollywood inspired hairstyles at home.

Old Hollywood Style Hairstyles for Long Hair

This is one of the most popular old Hollywood glamor hairstyles that is a classic. To create this hairstyle at home, first wash your hair with an anti frizz shampoo and conditioner. Allow your hair to dry naturally and apply a smoothing and shine serum when the hair is still a little damp.
Divide your hair into manageable sections and then blow dry by using a paddle brush with boar's bristle. When your hair is completely dry, create a deep side parting on any side you like.
Now straighten your hair in sections, using a straightening iron, working from the back to the front. After you are done straightening your hair, use a curling iron with a one inch barrel to create sleek curls. Curl only the lower three forth portion of your head and keep the rest of your hair as it is.
Shape the curls at the front of your face in such a way that it curls toward your face framing your face. Keep the hair on top and the crown area combed back sleekly. When you are done curling your hair, pull the curls out to loosen them and give it a softer look. Spray your hair with a strong hairspray to keep curls in place.

Old Hollywood Wedding Hairstyles

If you want to go for a classic look for your wedding, then there is nothing better than styling your hair in an old Hollywood style hairstyle. The style is sophisticated and simple and does not require too much of effort to do.
First wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo followed by a shine enhancing conditioner. Allow your hair to dry naturally. Take a two-inch section of hair from the front of your head and spritz it with a volumizing hair spray. Wrap this section of hair around a large paddle brush and blow dry to create volume.
Fasten this section of hair with bobby pins. Take small sections of hair from the front of your head and brush it back, teasing it to create volume. Pin all these sections just behind your crown. Gather the rest of your hair into a turned back roll and secure it with more bobby pins. Once the style is done, spritz it with a hairspray to help it set.

Old Hollywood Hairstyles for Short Hair

The most popular of short hairstyles is called the Marcel wave or finger wave. For creating this style, you need to have hair that comes up to your ears. Comb your hair and spritz it with a little water to make it damp.
Make a deep side parting on either side of your hair and create a ridge along your hair. With a fine comb, emphasize the ridge by combing it and pushing it upwards.
Now without removing the comb, comb the hair in a semi circular direction to form a kind of wave.Repeat this procedure on all sections of hair, until you reach the crown area. Blow dry the rest of the hair and apply a little styling gel to hold the style.
This was all about old Hollywood glamor hairstyles and how you can do it at home. There are many old Hollywood hairstyles for men that were made popular by Hollywood stars like Sean Connery, Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant. Old Hollywood glamor hairstyles can instantly transform your looks and are apt for most events and parties.