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Oily Hair Remedies

Anannya Saikia
Suffering from a greasy mane? Check out the remedies in this story to fight oily hair.
Oily hair is the result of the over-activeness of the sebaceous glands which secretes sebum. This along with the dust and pollution gives your scalp a stringy and greasy appearance. Following remedies will help you take proper care of your hair.

Wash Your Hair Frequently

Washing your mane daily will prevent a build-up of sebum that weighs down your hair. In addition to regular washing, you might consider using an oil-control shampoo. Ensure that you do not use extremely hot water to wash your mane, instead resort to using warm water to do the same.

Choose the Right Shampoo

Select a shampoo that have either clarifying or oil reducing inscribed on the product. It is important that you focus the product on the greasy areas and use a milder shampoo for the rest of you hair to retain natural moisture and avoid excessive drying.

Vinegar Rinse

Vinegar has acidic properties that will reduce the build-up of oil besides giving it additional bounce. Dilute half a cup of vinegar in equal proportion of water to make your vinegar wash. Follow this step with a quick, plain water wash.

Use Conditioner Lightly

While conditioning your hair, ensure you do not apply the product to your scalp, concentrating only on the dry ends. Opt for a serum instead of a conditioner, or go in for one that is not oil based.

Quick Remedy

Dusting the roots and scalp with baby powder/talcum powder should provide temporary relief. Avoid excess brushing that will stimulate the oil-secreting glands.

Some Natural Remedies

Natural remedies include the use of rosemary, eucalyptus and sage. Rinsing your hair with diluted lemon juice is another home remedy that comes in handy. A paste made with a tablespoon each of dried peppermint, lavender, crushed juniper berries and a cup of apple cider vinegar should be applied after every wash for luscious, oil-free scalp.
Last but not the least, remember to finish each shampoo session with a cold water rinse that will help cut down the natural oil secretion.