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Oatmeal Bath for Itchy Skin

Mukta Gaikwad
Oatmeal bath for itchy skin is the perfect remedy for getting rid of itching. It is an effective remedy for healing your skin from a number of skin problems, to make it supple and flawless as ever!
Tired of itchy skin and the aftermath of scars? You have hit the right page! Itchy skin is a result of rashes, sun burn, bites, sweat, and skin problems like eczema. Itchy skin can be irritating and many times embarrassing too. An itch can leave permanent scar on the body which ruins your look.
There are plenty of cosmetics available in the market for itchy skin that promise to uproot the problem, but they only break the promises. Oatmeal bath for itchy skin is a proven remedy and will solve the problem even before you believe it can!
The biggest benefit of applying oatmeal on the skin is that it makes it supple and smooth. It removes all the skin irritation and make the skin as flawless as ever.

Step 1

Yes, oatmeal is meant for the itchy skin and furthermore you have got to bathe with it. But this oatmeal isn't the one you eat. Colloidal oatmeal is used for making this mix and can easily be prepared at home, using a grinder. Put the dry oatmeal into the grinder and grind it till it is amorphous. A finely ground or pulverized oatmeal is meant for making this bath.

Step 2

Add the colloidal oatmeal to water. The moment it comes in contact with water, it produces a milky substance. Water and oatmeal will merge together as the oatmeal acts like colloid. As the two substances are well mixed, they will neither float nor sink in the tub or in a bucket.

Step 3

Soak yourself in the water completely or apply the mixture as a pack on your skin. Even if you soak the unaffected areas, it will only enhance the skin. Oatmeal and water mixture will bind your skin as it contains fiber and cellulose. Make the mixture, preferably with lukewarm water, as hot water tends to enlarge the skin pores which will take away the natural oil from your skin.

Step 4

Once you have soaked yourself in the bath for 10-15 minutes, clean your body with lukewarm water. Be careful while stepping in and out of the tub as oatmeal makes the floor very slippery. For guaranteed results, soak yourself for a minimum of ten minutes. Once you are out of the bath, rinse your body with cool water to wash away the residue.

Step 5

Once you are done with the bath, drying is the obvious thing to do. But since you have an itchy skin, be extra careful while drying it. Use a soft absorbent towel to dry yourself. Pat dry your body after you are out of the bath. Do not scrub or rub vigorously with the towel, as it is only likely to add to the irritation on your skin. Make sure you have dried your body completely.
An oatmeal bath can be made by grinding oatmeal or buying the colloidal oatmeal from the market. Irrespective of how it is made, do remember to make the mixture in lukewarm water to get the best results. Oatmeal is best known to treat itching caused by poison ivy, bug bites, chickenpox, and eczema. According to a popular belief, ancient Egyptians, Arabians, Romans, and Greek used oatmeal in 2000 BC to cure skin problems and for beautification too. No wonder, the wonders of the world came from there!