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Nontoxic Nail Polish

Aastha Dogra
Many kinds of nail polish can be damaging to your health as well as the environment. Read on to know more about safer types of the same...
Application of colorful nail polish has almost become a norm with women of all ages. Whether it is college-going young girls or bread-winning women, every woman simply loves to adorn her nails with some gorgeous shades.
Now that the popular consensus is fast shifting back to going all-natural and chemical-free, nontoxic nail polishes have become quite a trend!

Why Kick The Norm?

Most of the regular nail polishes that we use contain harmful chemicals such as toluene, formaldehyde, bisphenol A (BPA), dibutylphthalate (DBP), etc. These chemicals may cause many health problems, including skin irritation and reproductive problems.
The ingredients and preservatives used in many of these nail polishes, such as ethylparaben, propylparaben, etc., have been linked to life-threatening diseases such as cancer. The harmful chemicals in them are also known to cause brittle nails (ironically) and headaches, and aggravate asthma in sufferers.
Nontoxic varieties are water-based, with no harmful chemicals, and constitute no animal testing, making them absolutely environment- and health-friendly. None of the ill-effects of conventional polishes is experienced with their usage.
Another point where these score over the regular ones is the lack of odor and smell they generate. Regular polishes exude smells which may be nauseating to many people.
Choosing the alternative nail polishes is not only beneficial for your health, but is excellent for the environment too. Conventional nail polishes are sometimes tested on animals. Cochineal from insects, as well as many other animal ingredients, are used to make pigments in regular polishes, making them bad for the wildlife and environment.

Where to Buy Them

Some of the famous brands are Suncoat, Acquarella, Zoya, Peacekeeper, Sante, Piggybank ,and Scotch naturals. Most of these brands offer water-based polishes for kids as well as adults.
You will get all kinds of colors in these polishes to suit every dress and occasion. You can easily purchase these from the convenience of your home, through the websites of these companies as well as neutral online retailers.