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Neck Exercises for Jowls

Indrajit Deshmukh
Simple neck exercises for jowls can help you tighten the skin and make you look much younger and healthier. You can do these exercises anywhere as you don't require any equipment nor are they time-consuming...
As we age, the collagen levels in the body drop and the skin loses its elasticity. This leads to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles along with sagging of the skin. The jowl area is one of the regions that gets affected when collagen levels drop. If you are wondering what is the jowl area, well, it's the fleshy region below the lower jaw. Simple neck exercises will help you deal with this issue and can give you a better looking neckline. These exercises can be done by both men and women.
Neck exercises also help people who have a double chin, it doesn't matter whether you are young or old. Do these exercises daily for the first couple of weeks then do them on alternate days. When you are doing these exercises, avoid jerky or fast movements as this might lead to cramps and sprains. Use controlled movements and maintain normal breathing when you do these exercises for optimum results.
You can do these exercises from the comfort of your home or during your break in office, they don't need much time. Most of these exercises can be either done sitting on a chair or while standing and do not need any exercise equipment like resistance bands. If you experience pain while doing any of these exercises, please stop immediately and consult your physician.

Head Drop

Sit all the way back on a chair and keep your back straight and look forward, this will be your starting position. Exhale slowly and gently drop your head forward so that your chin goes towards your chest. The weight of your head will help you stretch your neck muscles and help tighten the skin in this region. Once you are down, hold the position for 3 seconds and slowly come back up to the starting position as you inhale. Repeat the movement 5 - 7 times to get desired results.

Head Raise

Lie down on your back on the bed with your head over the edge of the bed hanging in the air, this will be your starting position. Exhale slowly and bring your chin towards you chest in a controlled movement. Once you are all the way up, hold the position for 5 seconds and go back down to the starting position. Repeat this movement for 5 - 7 times and make sure that there are no jerky movements.

Snake Pose

For this exercise lie down on your stomach and place your palms next to your chest, also make sure your legs are fully extended and toes are on the floor. From the starting position, raise your torso up so that your arms are fully extended below you, do not raise your hips off the ground. Once you are all the way up, tilt your head back to look at the ceiling, hold this position for 5 seconds and come back down. Repeat the movement 3 times for good results.

Neck Twists

This exercise can be done while sitting or standing, just make sure you keep your back straight. Start by looking straight ahead and keep your chin in a neutral position. Now turn your head to the left until you feel a slight strain in your neck muscles, hold this position for 5 seconds. Come back to the starting position and turn your head to the right and repeat the same procedure. To get good results from this exercise, turn your head on both sides at least 3 times.
To complement the neck exercises, use skin firming creams to get quick results. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions which might get aggravated due to the exercises, consult your physician.